A new civilization dawns
Lecture by Benjamin Creme
Nagoya, Japan
18 May 2010

Part 1: In this introduction to A new civilization dawns, Benjamin Creme speaks about one of three major events that are taking place at the moment: the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, a cosmic event that has a profound impact on our planet.

Part 2: Benjamin Creme discusses the second great event taking place in the world: the return of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, with, at its head, Maitreya the World Teacher. He explains the meaning and role of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Part 3: Benjamin Creme presents the third great event currently taking place: “The Gathering of the Forces of Light”. This collaboration with the Space Brothers from other planets is explained, enabling us to place and understand this event in the context of this complex period of world history.

Part 4: Benjamin Creme describes the final phase of Maitreya's emergence: His call to implement the principle of sharing and the Day of Declaration, when He will address all of humanity and we will experience our innate divinity.

Lecture by Benjamin Creme
Tokyo, Japan
The overcoming of fear
Lecture by Benjamin Creme
San Francisco, USA
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Why has Maitreya come?
Is the Christ here to fix the world for us?
When will the Day of Declaration take place?
What will happen on the Day of Declaration?
What can we do to help the world?
We must end hunger first
Will sharing be enforced?
Implementing the principle of sharing
On the impending world stock market crash
What will the new politics be like?
On capitalism and communism
The transformation of South Africa
On the environment
On education
On health
On stress
On work and leisure
On hope
On free will
Interview with Ron van Dam
Benjamin Creme interviewed on The Ron van Dam Show
WXBR 1460 AM (Brockton, Massachusetts)
5 August 2013
Interview with Frank Sontag
Benjamin Creme interviewed on Impact
KLOS Radio, Los Angeles, California
29 July 2002
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