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Share International magazine cover for 2018This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

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The reproduction of Share International content in printed or electronic form, including internet websites, requires written permission which will not be unreasonably withheld. Please credit Share International as the source: © Share International. Please send clippings to: PO Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland.

Since the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master has provided articles to be published not only at the time they were written, but also whenever appropriate according to world circumstances. Indeed, many of these articles seem more relevant now than when they were first published. This article, first printed in September 1982 reminds us of humanity’s potential and points to a more enlightened future as we learn increasingly to draw on the faculties of the soul.

Reason and intuition

by Benjamin Creme’s Master

We are entering an age in which reason will gradually be replaced by the higher faculty of intuition. That which constitutes the reasoning faculty in man, and of which he is justly proud, will one day drop beneath the threshold of consciousness and become as instinctive as breathing or moving is today. There lies ahead of man an immense increase in awareness through the unfolding of his intuition, an awareness of states of Being as yet altogether unknown to him but which lie ready to be perceived by his awakened mind.

All expansions of consciousness are preceded by periods of tension, and this time of conflict and difficulty through which mankind is now passing will be succeeded by one of tranquillity and poise, which will set the stage for the gradual flowering of the intuition. When that happens, man will know directly, past all gainsaying, his true nature as a soul created in the image of God.

Through the awakened intuition, man will discover the secrets of nature, and learn to play his part in the Plan of evolution for all the kingdoms. He will discover within himself faculties and knowledge beyond his ability to dream; all he needs to know will come readily to his illumined mind.

The next step in the flowering of the race will be the advent of those souls in whom the intuitive faculty is already active and potent. Those souls are now being gathered on the inner planes of life and soon will make their appearance. They will constitute the next (6th) sub-race of the present 5th root race and will lead humanity out of the darkness of the limited rational mind into the light of the intuition. All things will become possible for man. The light of the soul will play upon man’s problems and simultaneously show the solution to these problems. By straight knowledge, man will move unerringly to his goal.

That which we call reason has played its part and has brought man to the threshold of divinity, preparing him for its own replacement by the faculties of the higher mind. Strictly speaking, that which is normally called intuition stems from the manasic level of consciousness whereas true intuition has its origin in the higher, Buddhic level. It is essentially loving understanding or true wisdom. Separateness is unknown when the intuition functions; the Oneness of all things is directly perceived. The illusions of the rational mind are transcended and Reality is known.

In the light of the intuition man will rebuild his world and tread the Path of God, following the steps of all Those who have gone before and realized Themselves as Sons of God. Our task, when living and working among you, will be to stimulate wherever possible this higher faculty of mind and lead you forward on the Way.

Even now, the doors of perception are being opened and many are finding themselves possessors of intuitive truths. Soul-alignment has opened the channels and much light descends. A clearer perception of Reality becomes possible for the race in its hour of greatest need, and augurs well for the future. As the intuition unfolds, so do the separative tendencies of the rationalising mind diminish and a healthier climate for all relationships is the beneficent result.

The task ahead is clear: open the windows of the soul and let the soul’s light illumine your lives. Through the awakened intuition allow the soul’s knowledge and purpose to be expressed. Know the meaning of compassion and spread that love abroad. Allow your soul’s wisdom to banish all illusion and become a light for your brothers. That is the task of all who would tread the Path of Light. Awaken the intuition and see clearly the Plan; awaken the intuition and dissolve the darkness; awaken the intuition and cast out all fear.

[This article from Share International magazine, December 2018, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by this Master)

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At every lecture he gave around the world, and virtually every day of his life, Benjamin Creme was asked numerous questions covering a vast range of topics. We draw on this large recorded resource and publish answers provided by BC and his Master over the years, none of which have yet appeared in Share International.

Q. What do we need from governments? (Lecture, London, 14 June 2007)

A. The men who think they rule the world today rule with the power of their armies. It is all glamour, a pure lack of self-observation. They are all ‘clever-clever’ but not really clever: they are really good at spin. They have such warped minds they can spin every truth into its opposite, but that is not really clever, not really deeply intelligent, nor is it useful to the world. What is useful to the world are people in positions of influence who can use that influence to better the world. To produce a safer world, free of hunger, free from unemployment, free from terror, free from war. This is what people need of their governments.

Q. What do you think about the refugee crisis?

A. If we think we can go on in the way we have gone on up till now, while people are coming from Africa and trying to get into Malta or Spain or Italy, and are left to drown outside the harbours of Malta, then we need to think again. We cannot support that kind of inhumanity. Inhumanity leads to inhumanity and if you can support one bit of inhumanity you can support eventually all inhumanity – terrorism and war – and you end up like George Bush and Tony Blair without a conscience or a sense of one’s own stupidity and inability to be honest with oneself.

Q. People everywhere are fearful. Are we really ready for Maitreya and the Masters? How can you tell?

A. People by the millions are ready for this; humanity has never been so ready. Humanity is scared stiff of the future which it sees ahead of it. Every talk about Iran, North Korea or even Iraq sends shivers through millions of people in the world, racked by fear and the result of fear – stress. They are all living in stress and people don’t want that anymore but they do not know how to get out of it. They don’t watch television or read newspapers anymore, because they cannot stand the bad news. People see the bad news as if everything that happened in that month was all bad. They can only see the bad news because that is what the television shows, it’s what the newspapers talk about and what sells newspapers; anything sensational is saleable and that is what goes into the news around the world.

But at the same time the Masters look at the world and see all the directions, movements and trends in the opposite direction. They see the energy of Maitreya and the Masters pouring into the world, filling the planes and they see above all the energy of a great Avatar, a tremendous Cosmic Being, Who overshadows Maitreya in a very similar way to the way Maitreya overshadowed Jesus in Palestine.

When Maitreya overshadows me He is overshadowed by the Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium, and that Being works with the Law of Action and Reaction, which are opposite and equal. The effect of His work is to turn the prevalent violence, hatred, discord and disharmony in the world into its opposite, so that we shall enter an era of tranquillity, harmony and mental and physical poise, in exact proportion to the existing violence and hatred and discord. Nobody knows this is happening; they only see the discord and the disharmony and so are afraid. There’s no need to be afraid, it is all turning the right way.

From now on the wheel has turned, and is turning, and will continue to turn until the dross is shaken out of the present, until humanity opens its eyes properly for the first time to the glamour and illusion of these ridiculous heads of government who think they can rule the world, who think it belongs to them. That is the past, that is Pisces. The future lies with the young in particular of today, and the young have to be treated carefully, tenderly and allowed to take their place, and to show the older people how to live, and what is needed in the world.

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Share International has a large reserve of letters which were confirmed by Benjamin Creme's Master to be genuine encounters with Masters, or a 'spokesperson', but which have not yet been published in 'Letters to the Editor'.

Other letters presented here are new. While we cannot confirm or indicate if a Master is involved, the experience may be such that it ‘speaks for itself’ in providing hope, inspiration and comfort. We present them for your consideration.


Dear Editor,
About six months ago (letter written on 23 October 2018) I had a kind of waking vision involving Benjamin Creme. I don’t mean a vision in the religious sense – it swam into focus before my eyes late one night. I was sitting in bed not particularly thinking about anything and suddenly I saw silver-white hair, which immediately reminded me of Mr Creme, and then the whole thing coalesced around that.

It was a beautiful scene of a large stately home type place, with vivid blue sky and immaculate green lawns. It was a beautiful summer’s day. We were behind the place and Benjamin was sitting with a few friends at a table to one side of the lawn. They were relaxing and drinking iced tea perhaps, and dressed, I think, as if they had been playing polo, although not on the lawn beside them.

Benjamin looked over at me and said, “Are you ready?” I had no idea, but I thought I’d better just say yes (!) so I said “Yes!” and he promptly replied, “Good, because Maitreya is coming.” The image then faded quickly but not before I of course asked, “When?” I believe he said, “Two years.”

J.M., Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

Divine gesture

Dear Editor,
I wonder sometimes about how to show one’s divinity and how to be open to people, really open, feeling ‘one’ with everyone.

At the beginning of November 2018 I was in a tram almost at my stop. As I got to the space near the exit I saw a man sitting in a seat opposite the exit. I think he said ‘Hello’; anyway, he extended his hand to shake hands with me and that was what we did.

His handshake was firm and pleasant. This lasted about a minute. In the meantime the tram had stopped and I hurried to get off. He made an impression on me. He radiated simplicity, had a clear open, kind face and there was an air of purity and innocence about him. He was casually dressed. I left the tram surprised and happy.

We always begin Transmission Meditation listening to a taped Message from Maitreya. That same evening it was Message No.28, which to my amazement starts with, “I would like to show you a new way to live, a way based on the innate brotherhood of man, on his capacity to love and share, and on his essential divinity. The process of becoming divine is a simple one, a natural one, open freely to all men. It is the process of releasing that God Who, from the beginning, has dwelt within you. My Promise is this: if you will follow Me into the New Time, I shall release for you your divine nature….”

Name and address withheld, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

No ordinary tramp

Dear Editor,
On 28 April 2002 I arrived in Paris to celebrate Wesak and took the underground at Coulaincourt station to go to the hotel. On the way out a man was sitting on the ground. He wore a big grey coat, an Afghan bonnet, had a big grey beard and what I noticed most was how clean and healthy he looked. He just didn’t look like an ordinary tramp to me.

Later on, when I met my friend, I saw the man again and was still fascinated. I pointed him out to her. The next day we took the same tube again to where the Wesak Festival was taking place and he was still there. My friend passed by in front of me and just as I was going by he called out her name. I was taken aback to hear her name “Marlene” mentioned as he didn’t know us. I stopped my friend to ask her if she’d heard this too and she said, yes. We looked at each other questioningly. Was the tramp Maitreya?

H.M., Kilstett, Alsace, France.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that the ‘tramp’ was Maitreya.)

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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

Miracles will flood the World

Share International December 2018 images, A shaft of light on H.K., taken on 6 October 2001, in Okinawa, Japan, shows a light blessing confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be from the Master Jesus.

A shaft of light on H.K., taken on 6 October 2001, in Okinawa, Japan, shows a light blessing confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be from the Master Jesus.

Share International December 2018 images, Photograph taken on 5 September 2005, shows a sculpture made by M.V., in a church garden in Les Cerqueux-sous-Passavant, France. The column of light was confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be a blessing from Maitreya.

Photograph taken on 5 September 2005, shows a sculpture made by M.V., in a church garden in Les Cerqueux-sous-Passavant, France. The column of light was confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be a blessing from Maitreya.

Share International December 2018 images, Porto Alegre, Brazil – On 15 October 2018, a witness at the airport in Porto Alegre photographed a large, disc-shaped aerial object in the sky.

Porto Alegre, Brazil – On 15 October 2018, a witness at the airport in Porto Alegre photographed a large, disc-shaped aerial object in the sky. (Source: mufon.com)

Share International December 2018 images, Oregon, USA – A woman in St Helens, Oregon, took photos and videos of colourful pulsating lights in the night sky above her house on two consecutive evenings in November 2018.

Oregon, USA – A woman in St Helens, Oregon, took photos and videos of colourful pulsating lights in the night sky above her house on two consecutive evenings in November 2018. Michelle Gabrielli sent her photos and videos to a local television station, which broadcast them on two of their newscasts. Gabrielli said there were at least 15 lights in the sky, which moved in relation to one another, appearing to fly apart at times and then back together. “I don’t know what I saw that night,” Gabrielli told a reporter from local television station KOIN. “For me, it’s an unidentified flying object … It just means that there was something in the sky that we didn’t [put there]” (Source: koin.com; coasttocoastam)

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For the full articles and interviews please see the printed magazine available via our offices in London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.


The UN reports on poverty in America

Interview with Philip Alston – an excerpt

by Jason Francis

Philip Alston has been the UN Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights since 2014. He has also worked with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UNICEF, among other UN and nongovernmental agencies. Alston teaches at New York University School of Law, focusing on international and human rights law. As Special Rapporteur, he was invited by President Obama’s administration in 2016 to study poverty in America, an invitation that was extended under President Trump’s administration. This study culminated in the 2017 report, Statement on Visit to the USA, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights . Jason Francis interviewed him for Share International.

Share International: What surprised you most from your research on poverty in America?

Philip Alston: The lack of interest in the subject. It was once pretty high on the political agenda in the United States, but now it seems to not be of major concern to either of the two political parties. I’m accustomed to going to countries that go out of their way to try to reassure me that even though there are major problems they are doing everything they can to address them. And if only they had more resources they would devote them to improving the plight of those living in poverty.

What I saw in the United States was the opposite. My visit coincided with the massive tax cuts that were put in place during the very week that I was in Washington DC. These cuts not only took money that might otherwise have been devoted even in small part to poverty elimination, but set the scene for what we are going to see after the midterm elections [November 2018] – a very powerful push to say that the national deficit needs to be reduced by virtue of major cuts to welfare programs. The Senate Majority Leader [Mitch McConnell, Republican from Kentucky] has indicated that there will need to be major cuts in a lot of social and other programs after the elections.

SI: Why do you think neither the Republicans nor Democrats seem to be making a major issue of poverty elimination?

PS: The electoral system has a lot to do with it. First of all, there aren’t any smaller political parties. So protest votes that the poor and others can make in other countries aren’t feasible here. Secondly, all of the various efforts that have been made to minimize voter turnout among the less wealthy classes have succeeded. People who are not wealthy are not convinced that their vote is going to make any difference. And the way in which the economic system has been evolving seems to reinforce the belief that it doesn’t matter how you vote. Protest votes for the candidate who claims he will drain the swamp [eliminate government corruption] and so on ends up just accelerating the push toward a neoliberal future, which marginalizes poor people.

40-45 million people living in poverty

SI: What were the major areas of focus in your report?

PA: I insisted on a human rights framing of the issue so it wasn’t just another report on poverty. It looked at the way in which the 40-45 million people living in poverty in the US affects the political system and inhibits their access to civil and political rights. Secondly, racism was a fairly strong theme in my report in terms of the use of racial narratives to turn the white majority against welfare by portraying it essentially as something that black people benefit from. In that sense it’s a continuation of many decades, even centuries, of previous policy.

I looked at the problem of children in poverty, which is particularly shocking. Something like 18 per cent of children in the US live in poverty. That’s a perfect way to store up major problems for the future because you are producing children who are less well educated, less healthy, and even less mentally developed because of the disadvantages from birth onwards. That’s going to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and cost the society dearly. One would have thought that even if there was no compassion there would be a strong economic argument for investing more in that particular group, but that’s not the way it happens.




The search for meaning and connection (Part 2) – an excerpt of an interview with Jeremy Lent

Interview by Felicity Eliot

Jeremy Lent is an author whose writings investigate the patterns of thought that have led civilization to its current crisis of sustainability. He is the founder of the non-profit Liology Institute, which is dedicated to a worldview that could enable humanity to thrive sustainably. He is the author of The Patterning Instinct and Requiem of the Human Soul. Felicity Eliot was in conversation with him in September this year.

In Part 1 Jeremy Lent, author and founder of the non-profit Liology Institute, looked at how moments of separation influenced the shape of civilization and how humanity responded and defined itself and its relationship with nature (see Share International, November 2018). Now in Part 2 of his conversation with Felicity Eliot he outlines his vision for a new sustainable future.


Jeremy talked about being aware of consumerism, its messages about what we should buy or own, which can shape our views if we’re not alert and haven’t developed cultural mindfulness. If we’re mindful of all the media messages which exist to shape our thinking, we will be able to question these apparently basic assumptions.

JL: It is possible to develop another view of the world or to some degree transform it to ways that can lead us to be more beneficial participants in the direction of our civilization and humanity’s growth. We need to realize that we live in a global economic system that is leading us all to destruction; it has been developed by the rise in the power of the transnational corporations which were formed with the intent to do nothing other than maximizing shareholder value. It does this by consuming the earth and by turning humans themselves into zombie consumers by emptying our minds, turning us into programmed consumer automatons through every single message from childhood onwards.


SI: There is much talk these days of the collapse of capitalism, the rejection of neo-liberalist values and systems. And you talked about the 1930s. Now that’s very interesting because just as in the 1930s we saw the rise of fascism, we are seeing it again now whether in political terms or as economic consumer-driven fascism, an economic fascism. I wonder how you see it?

JL: I think we are at exactly that point. It’s a time of a great unravelling. Whether from the extreme right, fascistic ideas or a truly regenerative future – these are the ideas that people who are dissatisfied with our society gravitate towards. That’s why it’s incumbent on all of us who are struggling for life, for a human and natural flourishing, to put these ideas out there in the most connected way possible so that people can get excited and inspired by them. And put their own lives into this struggle for the future. What is of critical importance here is to offer a vision of what a civilization can look like and that is why I did that ‘vision of the world in 2050’ video [ The Great Transformation, Or How We (Just) Avoided a Climate Catastrophe ] on my website.

I am increasingly excited by what is called an ‘ecological civilization’ – a notion of a civilization founded on a different set of principles than those it is based on now. Our current civilization is based on the exploitation of resources, and growth in a cancerous kind of way, just growing and growing until we destroy everything. It is based on the destruction of life itself. It is sucking the life out of humanity and out of nature to create wealth and shareholder value. But an ecological civilization would be based on principles of life and inter-connectivity, integration and resilience, where the flourishing of humans in a sustainable way with each other and the natural world would be the basis for how we organize our institutions, how we conduct commerce with one another, how technology develops, how we relate to nature, how we feed ourselves. All these things would be based on a fundamentally different set of principles and structures. What’s exciting is that all of these thought processes are already there. It’s not as if we have to invent them. Around the world brilliant people are getting together, actually living into that emerging future. They are doing what we need for that future ecological civilization. I don’t know who said it but it’s great: “The future is already here, it’s just not yet that well distributed.” We need to know about the wonderful ideas, new technologies and so on and incorporate them into a new type of ecological civilization.


Statement by Jeremy Lent

Since our conversation together, the world has continued apace toward the dramatic transformation awaiting us all. Some of the highlights that I see as most salient:

• A report by WWF announced that humanity has now wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles throughout the world since 1970.

• The IPCC has warned that we have just twelve years to avoid a climate tipping point leading to irreversible amplifying feedbacks.

• Jair Bolsonaro has been elected President of Brazil vowing to pull out of the Paris Agreement and double down on the devastation of the Amazon for mining and monocropping.

• The Democrats have won back the House of Representative in the US, with progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes proposing a radical Green New Deal for the 2020 Democratic party platform, that could establish the US as a visionary climate leader.

• The newly-formed Extinction Rebellion kicked off a strategy of direct action and civil disobedience by closing down five bridges in London.

It’s never been truer that the future is what we, collectively, create for ourselves. Periods of ever greater turbulence will lead inevitably to profound transitions in our cultural, political, and economic systems. As I wrote in a recent article: “As the current system begins to break down in the coming years, increasing numbers of people around the world will come to realize that a fundamentally different alternative is needed. Whether they turn to movements based on prejudice and fear or join in a vision for a better future for humanity depends, to a large extent, on the ideas available to them.”

Every reader of this journal has a part to play in humanity’s collective decision as to whether we leave a legacy of flourishing or death for future generations. The stakes have never been higher.

Jeremy Lent

Part 1 of this interview was published in the November issue of Share International.

French contactee Pierre Monnet:

Urgent message for a divided world -- an excerpt

by Gerard Aartsen

Sensing the end of their world, the power brokers behind the scenes are doing everything to create and increase divisions among humanity. And as the daily news shows us, today’s political leaders continue to do their bidding because they lack the vision to see the only sustainable way forward into the future – manifesting our Oneness through the creation of universal freedom and justice.

As documented extensively in my book Priorities for a Planet in Transition – The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom , visitors from space have generously shared their concerns about our separative tendencies and the potential for global annihilation during and since the nuclear standoff of the 1950s.

As Benjamin Creme indicates in The Gathering of the Forces of Light, in addition to George Adamski, the space people have others on this planet “who are used to bringing the reality of the Space Brothers to the world…” (p.36). Many of the others that were known thus, such as Buck Nelson, Truman Bethurum, Daniel Fry and Howard Menger, were Americans like Adamski, which is to be expected, perhaps, given the crucial role of the US in world affairs then and still now.


Still mostly unknown is the name of Pierre Monnet, a French conscript at the time of his first contact experience in 1951 in Courthézon, near Avignon. Neither of his two books, Les Extraterrestres m’ont dit... (‘Extraterrestrials have told me…’, 1978) and Contacts d’Outre-Espace (‘Contacts from Outer Space’, 1994), have been translated into English – only into Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, which might explain why Mr Monnet’s story is not more widely known.

In it, he describes how one night in July, on his way from Courthézon to his home in nearby Orange, he was ‘teleported’ to a quarry along the same road, but three to four km from Orange. Walking with his bike between the piles of sand and rocks it was as if he was led to a lens-shaped disc that emitted a white-silver-blueish light. Reminiscent of the descriptions of other contactees, “the disc’s ‘metal’ seemed both physical and non-physical at the same time, or at least of an internal atomic structure that is in constant motion. Almost like a living thing. It was impressive, disconcerting and beautiful all at once.”

When Mr Monnet writes that he experienced complete silence, not even hearing the traffic on the nearby motorway, it is not difficult to imagine that he was taken out of the body: “This total silence gave me the impression as if I had been placed underneath a bell-glass … completely isolated from the outside world. All I could hear was the sound of my breathing, my heartbeat and the pulsing of the blood in my veins.” As he was walking towards the craft, thrilled with what he saw, he almost overlooked the four human-looking, yet unearthly beings who stood beside and in front of it. He describes how the beings began to communicate with him “through a process of telepathic communication” which, they assured him, “is entirely natural and has always existed, but has been lost by mankind as it lost sight of the universal laws.”

Having been returned to the starting point of his daily journey, he noticed on his watch and the clock in the city wall that no physical time had elapsed during his experience, but it would take him many years to ‘translate’ the information and the message which he was given into words that were adequate to convey their meaning. Finally, in 1978 he published his first book and between 1979 and 1981 he received many invitations to give lectures.

In 1974 he met his extraterrestrial contacts again, when they confirmed: “We are among you, we move among you but you don’t know it…” despite the fact that he was told that 700,000 people worldwide had been contacted. Confirming the experiences of many who may be considered authentic ‘contactees’, Mr Monnet was told: “Because it is our conviction that only obedience to the law of love will lead to true living, have we advanced farther than you have. Yet, we too must adapt our behaviour when the situation requires it. But we do, and we learn from our previous mistakes. This we would teach you, without infringing the law of free will.”

The visitors from space also indicated the importance of this period in human history when they pointed out: “According to the movement of the heavens the earth will soon be in what astrologers call the sign of Aquarius, where for several thousand years it will reach the apex of its earthly evolution in wisdom. This will only be possible if man becomes less interested in himself as an individual and identifies more in society as a whole. In the course of the coming centuries man will receive clear instructions for the necessary changes in the intellectual, spiritual, psychological, scientific and technological fields. Man will be free to accept or reject these instructions.”

In fact, Mr Monnet’s contacts even seemed to hint at the Space Brothers’ involvement in building a spiritual platform for the return of the Teacher, according to Benjamin Creme: “Throughout history spiritually advanced humans have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings to prepare humanity for the coming of an official messenger who taught man the rules and values to live in harmony with nature and the universe.”


“…Everyone for themselves must become aware of the fact that every human being is responsible for all of humanity and that the terrible things that happen are the reflection of every individual’s behaviour. For no single gesture, no single thought can ever be erased. Every thought, once sent out, creates hatred or love, happiness or unhappiness, life or death…”

“Love can only be lived! Love becomes visible through its radiation. Love forgets itself, gives itself to the other completely. Loving is easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy if one is prepared to look deep inside oneself and stare oneself straight in the face. Then one takes oneself by the hand and pulls oneself from the morass of actions and thoughts that strangle us and do not allow us to breathe freely and live in love. But it is difficult if we do not want to make the effort. If we do not want to see that there is more than getting up in the morning, going to work and giving everyone you meet in the corridors there a hostile look, shouting at a motorist who is in your way, taking out your stress on your wife, etc.”

As time takes its toll on many who have been working for decades to spread the message of the Space Brothers, as others have for the Emergence of the World Teacher, the visitors urge us: “We ask those among you who enjoy the privilege of truly understanding the law of love: do not lose patience, continue to show what love is and give unlimited love every minute of your lives, because before long the heart of man will change and you will be rewarded: the love that you have given will be returned a hundredfold.”

And with rising fascism as the inevitable result of a relentless emphasis on material values – commercialization – and the planet itself at stake, these words from the Space Brothers take on a particular urgency at this juncture in human history, when we must take an active stand against policies that sow division and hatred: “We are here to help you, but that requires your unanimous consent. We hope that your hearts and minds will be filled with love and wisdom. We watch over you. But hurry, for the time is short…”

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Over the years, Share International has printed articles outlining Maitreya’s expectations concerning political, social, environmental and spiritual changes in the world, as presented to us by one of Maitreya’s associates in the London community in which He lives. From time to time, both Benjamin Creme and his Master have shared their prognosis of future developments. In this section, “Facts and forecasts”, our staff monitors recent news, events and comments bearing on these insights.

Shape power of Great Pyramid

“A great study is going on today into the nature and energetic properties of the pyramid. The Great Pyramid at Giza is really an Atlantean instrument, based on the power of shape. The aim of Atlantean man was to perfect the astral-emotional vehicle, or body. Just by being the shape it is, the pyramid, when aligned with the north and south poles, draws energy from the etheric and astral planes. This was transmitted for the benefit of the population of the great city which lies buried beneath the sands around the Pyramid and the Sphinx.” ( The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

In past issues of Share International, Benjamin Creme revealed that Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza was built thousands of years ago for the purpose of attracting certain energies beneficial to the people of that time. He also said that in the future the energetic properties of various forms, or “shape power,” will be understood and lead to the building of “objects of force” in open spaces near towns and cities. These ‘power shapes’ will “create equilibrium and residual energy for that area” and “will be used to change the climate and benefit the air quality of cities throughout the globe.” (SI April 2006)

Recently, a team of researchers from Russia and Germany applied methods of theoretical physics and calculated that the Great Pyramid at Giza can concentrate electromagnetic (EM) energy, specifically radio waves, in its internal chambers and below its base.

The team was studying the interaction between light waves and nanoparticles [particles one-hundred-billionths of a metre or smaller in size] to determine which shape and size particles would be most efficient in practical applications for controlling light at the nanoscale. They decided to analyze the electromagnetic properties of the pyramidal shape, and went big: “We decided to look at the Great Pyramid as a particle dissipating radio waves resonantly,” said Dr Andrey Evlyukhin, the team’s supervisor.

In other words, how would the pyramid react energetically when radiated with EM waves at certain frequencies? Researchers collected all the information known about the Great Pyramid’s physical properties and incorporated it into a model that physicists use to study the interaction between complex objects and EM fields. The model showed that the pyramid indeed gathers and focuses EM energy.

The results of the experiment, which were published in the Journal of Applied Physics (20 July 2018) could help scientists create new pyramidal nanoparticles that could be used, for example, to create highly efficient solar cells and tiny optical sensors.

Although the team’s findings were theoretical, involving subatomic structures and energy frequencies well below the levels BC was referring to (levels that mainstream science has yet to discover), the research could be a small step in the direction of comprehending the relationships between form and energy.

(Source: phys.org; newsweek.com)


Share International December 2018 images, Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza was built thousands of years ago for the purpose of attracting certain energies beneficial to the people of that time.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza was built thousands of years ago for the purpose of attracting certain energies beneficial to the people of that time.

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In the words of a Master of Wisdom: “Apart from war, nothing so profoundly affects the future of all men as much as pollution. Some countries have recognised this fact and have taken some steps to limit pollution and global warming. Others, sometimes the chief polluters, deny the reality of global warming despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Daily, now, the climatic changes prove beyond doubt that the planet is sick and needs immediate and skilful care to re-establish equilibrium. Time is running out for men to halt the transformation which is being daily wrought on planet Earth. Every man, woman and child must play their part in the task. Time is, verily, running out. S.O.P. Save Our Planet!” (Source: ‘S.O.P. — Save Our Planet!’ by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 September 2012)

Water out of air

David and Laura Doss Hertz, co-founders of The Skysource/Skywater Alliance in Venice, California, USA, have been awarded the Water Abundance XPRIZE for developing a system that can produce as much as 2,000 litres of clean water a day, using 100 per cent renewable energy, for about 2 cents per litre. Their system essentially creates rainstorms inside steel shipping containers by burning wood chips (or other forms of biomass) to produce the temperature and humidity necessary to draw water from the air and the biomass itself.

The XPRIZE competition, created by a group of philanthropists, entrepreneurs and others in 1994, has awarded more than $140 million over the years for what it calls “audacious futuristic ideas aimed at protecting and improving the planet.” According to the group’s website, “We want to inspire and guide innovators to create breakthroughs enabling a world of abundance – a world where every man, woman and child can access all the energy, clean drinking water, shelter, education and healthcare they require.”

In addition to monetary rewards, XPRIZE creates worldwide publicity for the winning designs in order to attract investments for their developers and make the technology known to nations that might benefit from its use. The competitions involve defined, measurable goals to be achieved within a certain time period.

The latest competition was launched in October 2016. Water Abundance XPRIZE was designed to spur innovation in the production of clean, fresh water in inexpensive and environmentally friendly ways. Some 98 teams from 27 countries entered the competition.

One of the competition judges was Matthew Stuber, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut, and an expert on water systems. He noted that the Hertz’ system can be employed quickly to deliver water to areas stricken by natural disasters or drought, as well as areas that typically have a shortage of fresh water.

When asked what they would do with the cash award of $1.5 million, the Hertz’ said they had committed to “using it all for the development and deployment of these machines, to get them to people who need the water most.”

(Source: apnews.com; xprize.org; skysource.org)

London environment protests

Thousands of demonstrators managed to block five of the main bridges in London, on Saturday 17 November 2018, to highlight the crisis of climate change.

The protests started at Southwark Bridge and moved west towards Westminster Bridge, after which the demonstrators held an interfaith ceremony outside Westminster Abbey.

Around 6,000 protestors took part, and more than 85 people were arrested. Smaller events took place in other UK cities and overseas earlier in the week. The protesters, who included families and pensioners, joined the campaign organized by a new group called Extinction Rebellion who are pledging mass civil disobedience in order to draw attention to the environmental emergency.

The UK-based group has been backed by almost 100 senior academics from across the country, including the former archbishop Rowan Williams. In a letter to The Guardian newspaper, they said that politicians are failing to tackle climate breakdown, meaning a “‘social contract’ has been broken … it is therefore not only our right, but our moral duty to bypass the government's inaction and flagrant dereliction of duty, and to rebel to defend life itself.” The disruption caused was justified in the protestors’ view because “we have tried marching, and lobbying, and signing petitions. Nothing has brought about the change that is needed,” said Extinction Rebellion member Tiana Jacout.

The group is calling on the government to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025 and establish a “citizen’s assembly” to devise an emergency plan of action similar to that seen during the Second World War. It is part of the ‘Rising Up’ activist group, who are gathering people in libraries, meeting halls, cafes and churches across the country, involving them in discussion and ideas for activism. “It feels like we are tapping into something very powerful in terms of the frustration and urgency many people are feeling as the evidence mounts of the scale of the climate emergency we are facing,” said Roger Hallam, an academic at King’s College who specializes in social change and protest. He said the group was now getting 20 requests a week from people across the UK wanting to hear a talk on the subject.

Extinction Rebellion has also received support from politicians, including UK Green Party Member of Parliament Caroline Lucas and Senator Bernie Sanders from the US – where the group was in talks with campaigners about organizing similar civil disobedience events. Further events are being planned in Canada, Germany, Australia and France. Rupert Read, philosophy academic at the University of East Anglia, UK, and one of the organizers, said “to properly challenge the system that is sending us to an early grave we have to be bold and ambitious…. Forging new connections across the world and learning from each other.” (Source: The Guardian, The Independent, UK; BBC News)

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11 S.O.P. — Save Our Planet:
Starting America’s environmental battle – without President Trump

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Shape power of Great Pyramid

13 Signs of the time:

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London: environmental protests

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20 At the heart of global woes,
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