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Share International magazine cover for 2017This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

Copyright © 2017 Share International. All rights reserved.

The reproduction of Share International content in printed or electronic form, including internet websites, requires written permission which will not be unreasonably withheld. Please credit Share International as the source: © Share International. Please send clippings to: PO Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland.

A new publication: A Master Speaks – Volume Two
Articles from Share International Magazine

Readers of Share International will be glad to know that the much anticipated companion volume to A Master Speaks has just been published.

A Master Speaks – Volume Two contains articles dictated by Benjamin Creme’s Master and published in Share International magazine from January 2004 to May 2016. Long in the making, it was planned with Benjamin Creme’s co-operation and approval.

As a disciple of one of the Masters of Wisdom Who guide humanity’s evolution, Benjamin Creme received these inspiring articles by mental telepathy. A highlight of the magazine the articles were published almost monthly from the time Share International was launched with Benjamin Creme as founding editor in 1982. They cover a very wide range of topics including, among many others, ‘The brotherhood of man’, ‘The ending of war’, ‘Unity in diversity’, ‘Saving the planet’, and ‘The cities of tomorrow’. The book also contains a number of short Messages from Maitreya that Benjamin Creme received occasionally at the end of media interviews, lectures or gatherings.

The purpose of these articles is, in the Master’s own words, “to present to the readers of this magazine a picture of the life ahead, to inspire a happy and positive approach to that future and to equip them with the tools of knowledge to deal correctly with the problems which daily arise upon the way. From My vantage point of experience and insight, I have sought to act as ‘look-out’ and guard, to warn of approaching danger, and to enable you, the reader, to act with courage and conviction in service to the Plan.”

A Master Speaks – Volume Two is published in Benjamin Creme’s memory and can be seen as a valedictory volume, marking the ending of his lifetime’s work with his Master. The legacy of this work lives on in this new volume, a testimony to their close relationship.

Benjamin Creme, A Master Speaks – Volume Two. Articles from Share International Magazine. ISBN 978-94-91732-11-9, 256 pages, Publication date: April 2017.

Since the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master has provided articles to be published not only at the time they were written, but also whenever appropriate according to world circumstances. Indeed, many of these articles seem more relevant now than when they were first published. In the following article the Master shows how commercialization has impacted the health of the planet and that of humanity. He issues a warning about the time we have left to restore balance. As if He were writing today, He points to the growing public awareness of the need to change in order to save the planet and the millions of dispossessed.

The curse of commercialization

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

If men are to save this planet from the results of global warming they must do infinitely more than is planned to limit carbon emissions, and in a shorter period of time than is generally accepted as necessary. Men have been slow to recognize the dangers, and even now many refuse to take the problems seriously. Such attitudes, there is no doubt, put in jeopardy the future of planet Earth. At most, men have ten to fifteen years* in which to establish a balance before irreparable damage is done.

To achieve this goal, men must change dramatically the present way of life, and embrace simpler forms of living and working. Gone are the days in which men raped and ravaged the planet at will, without a thought for the generations still to come, neither seeing nor caring aught for the environment, which has gradually and inevitably decayed.

Each year, and for many years, huge areas of ancient primal forest are cleared of life-giving trees for purely commercial benefits. Commercialization indeed bodes ill for humanity as it tightens its grip on the throats of men. Commercialization, says Maitreya, is more dangerous to men than the atomic bomb, and is showing its destructive power in the economic chaos which rules in the world today.

How long will it take governments and their peoples to see this? How long till commercialization squeezes the life-blood out of humanity, and itself withers and dies?

More and more, the truth of these words is borne in on the minds of millions who now, suddenly, are jobless and homeless and in despair.

This has produced a situation in which Maitreya can step forward into public work without infringing humanity’s free will. Patiently has Maitreya waited many years for this time, sure in the knowledge that the events now taking place would, indeed, transpire. Commercialization has bared its claws and shown its power to harm. The complacency of millions is turning into hatred and distrust of commercialization and the old order of things. Men everywhere are at last ready for a new interpretation of the meaning and purpose of life, for sharing, justice and peace; for right relationship, brotherhood and greater happiness. They are ready, at last, for Maitreya’s call.

Of course, not all men have undergone this change. There are many who imagine they can ‘sit out’ this ‘recession’ and rebuild their fortunes as before. The very rich and clever ones have lost nothing. The gap between themselves and others has simply widened in their favour. They fail to understand that this time is like none other. We have reached the end of the old order. Cosmic forces dictate the changes that must and will take place, otherwise life would flourish no more on planet Earth.

Those who are ready will quickly respond to Maitreya’s Teaching as He puts into simple and eloquent words their heartfelt needs. Others will take longer to forgo that to which they have become accustomed, and for a time disagree. In time, millions around the world will see the need and the logic of the changes which alone will save the planet and its people. (*Written 17 April 2009)

[This article from Share International magazine, July / August 2017, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by this Master)

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At every lecture he gave around the world, and virtually every day of his life, Benjamin Creme was asked numerous questions covering a vast range of topics. We aim to draw on this large recorded resource and publish answers provided by BC and his Master over the years, none of which have yet appeared in Share International.

Q. Could you explain current politics?

A. There is a rise of fascism in many countries. It is to do with the collapse of the old ways and the beginning of the successes of the new. The situation will turn for the better soon. The storm is nearly over. It’s losing its intensity, according to my Master, even if we do not recognize it yet.

Q. Are the Masters surprised at the level of conflict at present?

A. My Master says that a struggle was expected but not with the horrible barbarity of today. He adds that it won’t last much longer but that it must run its course, if we are to have peace: “The chaos has to run its course but it will not be long until a New Dispensation will come.”

Q. Could you say whether there are other factors involved?

A. One pressing problem is that of over-population. The world is not big enough to support the present world population. The population is growing very rapidly. There is a struggle for supremacy of space.

Turmoil is nearly always the result of the change from one Cosmic state to another. So many people are still tied to the old ways. Chaos results from the movement from the old order to the new. My Master says: “A lot of people are too worried or too unaware to recognize the need for another way of acting and being.” Neither do they notice or recognize the decrease in the intensity of the present difficulties.

Q. Are the Shamballa energies stronger – especially over the last one to two years; is that why there is a lot of tension and conflict?

A. Yes, that’s true, they are stronger. But also, rich people have become independent and very greedy. They are afraid that they cannot take advantage of everything. They are afraid of losing their wealth. (The previous four questions were answered in July 2016)

Q. Is Maitreya God?

A. Maitreya is omniscient and omnipresent. Nothing happens anywhere without His knowing it. It says in the Bible that if a little leaf or bird falls to the ground, God knows it. Maitreya is not God – except that we are all God – but He is more aware of the nature of that divinity than we are. That is the difference between us, but it is a difference only of circumstance and opportunity. He has been at it for so much longer than us; literally for millions and millions of years, and He has never made a mistake. So He is able to do what we think we are unable to do. But we are divine: Maitreya says everyone on Earth is divine, everybody is needed, and every single person counts. So He comes to teach humanity the simple art of living: living from the inside out, instead of living mechanically from the outside, following governments who follow specious things like the market. The market, Maitreya says, is blind, and the politicians are blind men following the blind markets. He says they will lead you to the edge of a precipice. He comes to make sure we do not go over that precipice.

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Share International has a very large reserve of ‘Letters to the Editor’ which have been processed over the years, confirmed to be genuine, but not yet published.

Some of the Masters, in particular Maitreya and the Master Jesus, appeared at Benjamin Creme’s lectures and Transmission Meditations. They also appear in different guises. If the experiences were authenticated by Benjamin Creme’s Master, the letters are published. These experiences are given to inspire, guide or teach, often to heal and uplift.

They also draw attention in an amusing way to some fixed intolerance to, for example, smoking or drinking. At times the Masters act as saving ‘angels’ in accidents, during wartime, earthquakes and other disasters. They use a ‘familiar’, a thoughtform, who seems totally real, and through whom the Master’s thoughts can be expressed. They can appear as a man, a woman, a child, at will. Occasionally They use the ‘blueprint’ of a real person, but in most cases the ‘familiar’ is an entirely new creation. Some of the experiences described in the letters printed here happened after Benjamin Creme’s death and have not been confirmed by his Master; we have included them because they seem significant and relevant to our work.

Important message

Dear Editor,
Since Benjamin Creme died in October 2016, the London group working with him has continued to hold monthly lecture videos at Friends House, Euston Road, London (the venue where he gave talks for over 40 years). We are steadfast in our job of presenting the information to the public, but many people sadly miss BC’s presence with his unique insights, wisdom, blessings and sense of humour. Many attendees express gratitude and support for our continued work and encourage us to “keep going”, as BC would say.

At the Friends House event on Thursday 18 May 2017, a young black man came, whom we had not seen before. He was perhaps in his late 20s, and wore casual clothes and a beanie hat. He had a short chat to all the co-workers helping and everyone remarked how gentle, friendly and interested he was. During the introduction to Transmission Meditation he began to meditate immediately. He looked blissful and completely at ease, although he said he had never done this type of meditation before.

After the event finished and we were starting to pack up, he came over to me. With his right hand clenched, he pointedly tapped his heart as he said: “I am very sad that Benjamin Creme is no longer here. But the most important thing is the message, not the messenger.” I replied: “Yes, but what a great messenger he was.” To which he replied: “Yes. But the most important thing now is the message. Please let the others know.” He smiled and left.

Our encounter with this young man left us feeling uplifted and reassured that we are on the right track, and that in these turbulent times, our message and information about Maitreya is needed more than ever.

G.F., London, UK.

Group therapy

Dear Editor,
We had an interesting visitor at our first Transmission Meditation workshop of 2017 on 9 February in Edinburgh: a youthful black woman dressed in smart, casual clothes arrived last while the others were already seated. Her ways were positive, joyful and enthusiastic.

We asked how the participants heard about the workshop and the young woman explained that she had received an event flyer with the symbol (the OM) while she was on a train. She always kept the card with her and kept the symbol in her mind, pondering on it. Although she did not know the meaning of it, she knew there was something important to understand and she wanted to find out more. She said she had wanted to come to one of the workshops for many months and finally she was here. She talked about “coming back to the group” and something like “... yes, because when we are a group, when we work as a group, together, something powerful, magic, happens...”

This was an important point for us as we had recently experienced a situation of conflict in our group that was proving a very unsettling time for everyone. One group member thought straight away that it was a sign to uplift the group and the situation we had recently been experiencing, and thought “That’s what we need, what the group needs now, with that positive attitude, like a boost!” Another wondered if this could be Maitreya advising us how to resolve conflict in a group.

There were a number of other examples that made us feel the young woman could be a ‘special guest’. When we explained aspects of Transmission Meditation she always seemed to correctly understand what we implied and had an intuitive perception of what was meant: she frequently commented with positive, happy, and enthusiastic remarks. When a group member was explaining about The Great Invocation and the use of the term Christ by saying that Christ was not just about Christian teaching but that it was about.... “the Divine” interjected the visitor.

On the Full Moon Meditation, she was very enthusiastic to learn that we had meditations at the Spring Festivals, saying she really liked full moons and that this was an important occasion. She said she “appreciated and was humbled by a group member’s laughter and another member’s ability to laugh.” One group member thought this was about the conflict in the group and the need to laugh to make the situation less worrying.

On meditation, she said: “I always thought that meditation did not interfere with other practices.” Before the Transmission Meditation started, another visitor had intervened by saying that she had decided not to take part as she was feeling that what was said was against her principles and beliefs. Our young visitor intervened by saying that that was fine, that she could leave if that was the right thing for her to do. She said, “We wish you well”, as the girl was getting up from her chair and leaving the room. At this point it seemed as though she was the one directing the workshop!

After we had conducted the meditation, our visitor asked how long we had been doing Transmission Meditation. One of the group members said he had been doing it for 20 years but still found it difficult to do. She replied that development usually takes place between 20-40 years (not the first 20 years) and that she had read about a breathing technique that took 40 years to master.

She told us she was studying economics at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh, and that a project she was involved with, and her mission, was to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and that water should not be wasted. This was very important for future generations.

She concluded by wishing everyone well and being a bit cryptic when a group member asked if we would see her again; she replied that she lived each day moment to moment and could not say what the future held. But she said she was sure we would meet again some day.

We all thought the encounter was wholly positive, and was how Maitreya would actually deal with conflict in a group – with a positive, uplifting, respectful and non-critical regard for everyone.

From members of the Edinburgh Transmission Meditation Group, Scotland.

The last one?

At Asahi Hall in Tokyo on 14 May, a man in his 70s came in towards the end of the talk. He was wearing a worn-out jacket and stained business shirt. In spite of his shabby appearance, I was struck by his eyes – the pupil of his eyes had many layers of clear black, and a bluish ring around the black; he also had a beautiful smile.

He immediately asked at the reception desk: “This is a religion, isn’t it?” “No it’s not a religion. We are simply presenting information,” we answered. He asked more questions that sounded like he was testing us. He said: “I have known this story for a long time, but today is the first time I have come.”

He talked some more with others, then, as he crossed in front of me, he suddenly mumbled without even looking at me: “This is the last one, you know.” These words were spoken suddenly without any connection to any other conversation. “What? This is the last one?” I thought. These words had a special meaning to us workers. I don’t know if it had a special meaning or not, but it gave me a chance to stop a moment to re-evaluate my attitude towards the work.

T.K., Tokyo, Japan.

A perfect match

At Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo on 20 May, I noticed a middle-aged man in the lobby during the recess, because he was wearing striking yellow clothing (the same colour of yellow that we used for our posters) from top to bottom – yellow shirt, yellow trousers, yellow full-length coat. I was so taken by his clothing that I watched him from a few steps away. Then he began to walk away, and suddenly disappeared. I ran after him but he was nowhere to be seen.

C.O., Tokyo, Japan.

Bright future

In the lobby of the lecture hall, we provided tables with books where people can sit and browse through Benjamin Creme’s books. At Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo, a middle-aged man came to the book table during the break, looking quite inspired and excited, and began to talk to me, pointing at the book that said on the cover “The future of humanity is bright”. “This is it! This is it! We are already in the bright future. You all have worked hard for a long time, but it is all right now.” He then said thoughtfully, “Most people are so poor…” and he began to cry, as if he was overcome by gratitude and hope and deep sorrow.

R.B., Tokyo, Japan.

Sky sign

Dear Editors,
On the morning of 10 June I woke up from a dream where I and some friends were outdoors and all of a sudden a fleet of jets flew over us at great height only to fly a lot closer a bit later and then soar straight up into the sky. The jets were white, radiant and totally silent so I thought immediately they were space brothers, not jets.

And soon enough they made one more pass at some height and this time they dropped thousands of parcels on parachutes, like you’d see in aid being delivered from planes, and one of the parcels landed on a roof nearby. I climbed to fetch it thinking this is something important.

The parcel contained rather small leaflets, that apparently were adverts for an upcoming movie featuring old black and whites, and there was a date that I didn’t quite get in the dream but it was in the near future. I immediately put two and two together and knew that this was a flyer saying Maitreya’s Day of Declaration would be soon.

I’m writing this down in the hope that other group members might have had similar (dreams) and this might have been one of many such signs for the group.

S.M., Parikkala, Finland

Two letters from the same writer:


Dear Editor,
(1) On 29 April 1998 during the early morning hours, I was awakened by a kiss on the forehead. Opening my eyes I saw what appeared to be the top section of Christ’s body. Could this have been a visitation? If so, will he reveal to me any special reason for this? I was living in Dallas, Texas, at the time.

(2) In the early summer of 2001, my doctor and I could detect a small lump in the left breast. While undergoing a mammogram, I felt an overwhelming urge to whisper “Jesus”. Upon saying “Jesus” there appeared a very bright light in front of me. The lump is much smaller and the doctors are only ‘watching’ it. Could this be a miracle from Jesus?

F.F., Greenville, MS, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that (1) the apparition was the Master Jesus, and the purpose was for healing. (2) Yes, it was a miracle from the Master Jesus.)

Prayers heard

Dear Editor,
I went one Saturday to Office Depot to prepare flyers for my spiritual teachings and talk at a church on Sunday in NC. A man came up to me, called me by name, that was the same as your description of Maitreya – golden skin, olive eyes, tall, thin, and the feeling of being in his presence was one of pure love and knowing him. He kept showing me his papers that had the image of the holy spirit on them and asked me to look and see if they are clear enough. He then picked up one of my flyers and looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He followed me out of the store but when I went out the front door, an eagle soared from the door right over my head. I stood there for more than 15 minutes and the man never did come out of the store. The next day at church a flash of bright light went off between me and the congregation. After the service a woman came up and asked me to pray for her. I did and she instantly regained her hearing after being deaf. I know it was either Jesus or Maitreya that appeared to me and at the church. Can you confirm?

J.D.H., Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that the healing was given by the Master Jesus.)

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An excerpt

We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘The people awaken’. The quotations are taken from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ and Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks and Share International), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.


My plan is being fulfilled. My Love kindles a new aspect in man, and the New Light dawns. My Promise is this: soon for yourselves you will see a changing world, a world which alters before your eyes. The old gives way to the new, and man stands on the threshold of Truth. (Maitreya, from Message No.117)


The present is a time of crisis and promise. The New struggles to find form. The Old strives to survive amidst the destined change. Humanity is ready for the next step; the long sleep is ending; the sleepers awake. The call to freedom and joy echoes in the hearts of the peoples and stirs them to action.

Little time there is now to prepare. Soon the face of Maitreya will be seen. He alone can bridge the divisions among the nations and bring them, trusting, to each other’s aid. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Co-workers with God’)


There is no doubt of the new spiritual awakening which is everywhere taking place, which must eventually lead to an era of world brotherhood – the keynote of the coming age of Aquarius. What is happening now is the outcome of inner forces, which are effecting great changes in human thinking and consciousness. This will result in the complete reorganization of the world’s institutions and social structures which no longer answer man’s true needs. (Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)


Take heart, therefore, from all of this, and know that new and better times are on the way. Take heart and know that naught can stop the momentum of change that now grips this world.

Formerly, people awaited events in passive acceptance of fate. Today, a new consciousness informs the minds and hearts of men and awakens them to their inborn need for justice and freedom. They will not be denied. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘They will not be denied’)


My friends, were you to see as I do the changes now occurring, your hearts would leap gladly as does mine, for throughout the world today man is awakening to change, bringing to the fore the new thoughts and ideals which now grip men’s hearts. (Maitreya, from Message No.129)


We are about to enter an era in which the innate spiritual nature of humanity will begin to express itself in a mass form. Countless millions throughout the world will awaken to the true purpose of their lives. A deeper, more soundly-based attitude to life will develop and people will recognize themselves as souls – souls in incarnation. They will come to understand the purpose of their incarnation, and, more and more, they will take a conscious part in their own evolution, creating modes of freedom and justice which this world has never before seen. Freedom and justice, and therefore peace, will allow the divine, spiritual aspect of humanity to come to the fore and be given expression, not only as a religious experience, but in every department of life. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three)


Many there are now who see the way forward, hold before men the Light of Truth, teaching men to share and love, to cherish and trust. Many now are awake to these divine aspects, and call for the restructuring of your world. My Force is behind them. My Love inspires them. My Will guides them. In this way, I lead you into the New. (Maitreya, from Message No.137)



It is not for nothing that the world now undergoes a paroxysm of change. Nothing comparable has occurred in historical times; nearly a hundred thousand years have passed since events of such magnitude, of such far-reaching consequence, have taken place. The world is now being prepared for the advent of a new era, unlike aught known before, in which humanity will awaken from its long sleep, shake from its eyes the blindfold of ignorance and fear, enter at long last into the light of Knowledge and Truth, and receive its birthright. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The luminous age ahead’)


Humanity is approaching a point where it is undergoing a great shift in consciousness, beginning to recognize itself in relation to each other and to cosmos, to nature, to what we generally call God, in an entirely new way. Maitreya says that everything, every single thing in cosmos, is interconnected. There is no break at any point. What we do to ourselves, we do to nature. What we do to nature, we are doing to ourselves as God, because we are reflections, points of consciousness of that total consciousness that we call God. (Benjamin Creme, Unity in Diversity)


Before My Coming, men knew no way out; stuck fast in the quagmire of their problems, they feared. Today there is a new light, a new possibility for change. A new hope is sweeping the world: that is My Ray, My Gift to you, My Blessing to all men. (Maitreya, from Message No.21)


My dear friends, I am with you once again, and with joy do I see the light of Aspiration around you. This confirms for Me My knowledge of your readiness to work for Me. My heart gladdens at the sight of this inner truth shining from the chalice of your heart. Make way, My friends, for that Truth in your lives and open before you the door to the future. My task is to illumine the path to that glorious future for mankind; to awaken in you the principle of Love; to lead you forward in manifesting that Love, each to the other, and thus draw all men to God. (Maitreya, from Message No.120)


[Maitreya] wants you to give your love to the world, and He comes to inspire you to do it, to awaken in you the love which is inherent in the heart of every human being, but which is frustrated in its expression, largely by the unjust political, economic and social conditions with which we surround ourselves. When these conditions are changed, the love of humanity, inspired by Maitreya, will demonstrate in a way which today you probably could not imagine, and will transform the world. (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)



Little by little, a new consciousness is awakening humanity to its inner needs. The old, competitive spirit dies hard, but nevertheless a new spirit of co-operation is likewise to be seen. This augurs well for the future for it is by co-operation alone that mankind will survive; by co-operation alone that the new civilization will be built; by co-operation only that men can know and demonstrate the inner truth of their divinity. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Co-operation’)


When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.

My task is but beginning, but even now there exists in men’s hearts a new light, a new hope, a sense of a new beginning; a realization that man is not alone, that the Protector of All has sent His Agent. It is That which I am. (Maitreya, from Message No.8)


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A journey through life after death

Interview with Leslie Kean

by Jason Francis – an excerpt

Leslie Kean is an investigative journalist and author. She wrote The New York Times bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record (2010) (Reviewed, SI, January/February 2013). Her most recent book is Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife (2017). Jason Francis interviewed Leslie Kean about her research into life after death for Share International.

Past life recall

Share International July / August 2017 images, Past life recall, Leslie Kean

Leslie Kean photo: Tatiana Taubek

Share International: Could you talk about some of the more memorable cases of reincarnation that you came across in your research?

Leslie Kean: There are two that I featured extensively in the book. The cases that are most evidential to me as a journalist involve really young children who have specific memories and are able to provide enough details so that investigators can find the person the children say they were and confirm that the information they provided is accurate. If somebody just has memories that can’t be verified, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. But it’s very compelling when you can locate the person they claim to have been and find out that everything they said was accurate to the life of that person.

One of the cases involved a two-year-old boy named James Leininger. He began having memories [of a past life] before he was two. A long series of events occurred over a period of about two years when he became obsessed with playing with airplanes, and demonstrated knowledge of World War II aircraft. James started to develop nightmares in which he was reliving the crash of an airplane. He was in terror and shrieking in his crib. Eventually he started to articulate what was happening. During his nightmares he would scream: “Airplane crash on fire! Little man can’t get out!” At certain times his parents would ask him questions about what was going on. Over time he was able to communicate that he had been a pilot who was shot down by the Japanese. His parents didn’t know how their two-year-old son knew the word “Japanese”.

James talked about how the little man in the plane was him. He said he flew a Corsair, which is a specific type of aircraft, and that it flew off of a boat called the Natoma [later confirmed to be the aircraft carrier USS Natoma Bay]. Even more specifically, he said that he had a best friend named Jack Larson, and that his plane had gone down near the island of Iwo Jima. One day James’ dad was looking at a book about World War II with him and saw a map. James pointed to the map and said that was where his plane went down.

His dad was going through a lot of trauma around all of this because he was of the Christian faith and was absolutely convinced this was not possible. It was not part of his religion. He was determined to prove his child wrong, but anytime he looked into these memories he found them to be accurate. James’ dad actually wrote some excerpts for my book about his own spiritual progression through this, and how he came to realize by the end that it didn’t contradict his faith and he was able to accept it. That’s an interesting component to the case that many parents will relate to.

Eventually James’ father went to a series of reunions for people associated with the aircraft carrier USS Natoma Bay. He found Jack Larson, his son’s friend in his past life. After much research and talking to a lot of World War II veterans, he was able to find out who the person was that James had memories of being. His name was James Huston Jr. He died as James Leininger described.

When James was about three he began to draw many pictures of his plane crashing in horrifying situations, on fire and with bombs all around. He would always sign them “James 3”. When his parents asked why, he would say: “Because I’m the third James.” His dad was shocked when he found out the pilot was named James Huston Jr., as the “Jr.” implied that the current James was the third one. They also met the older sister of James Huston Jr., who was 84 at the time. She connected very well with little James. And he was able to tell her a lot of details about their childhood that she said he couldn’t possibly have known. She became convinced that James was, indeed, who he said he was.

It’s one of the strongest cases we have on record of a small child with specific [past life] memories. All of these memories were documented by his father before they were able to determine who James was in a past life, which is an important element.

Consciousness outside the body

SI: What happens when someone experiences consciousness outside of their body?

LK: There are two facets of these experiences. There are veridical out-of-the-body experiences and near-death experiences. As a journalist the out-of-body experiences are more important as evidence. The important ones involve people leaving their body when they have no brain activity, such as being in cardiac arrest, have no heartbeat and are essentially clinically dead. When they come back, they are able to report specific things they’ve seen or heard in the physical environment when they say they were out of their bodies.

They often describe themselves as being near the ceiling. They can accurately describe what the doctors were saying, the tools they were using, sounds from the machines and things like that. And this was at a time when they weren’t supposed to be able to perceive anything at all, with their bodies lying on a table, their eyes closed. Those cases are important because the doctors and nurses can verify the accuracy of what the person said. Therefore, it has to be explained how they could have perceived these things. The suggestion is that their consciousness was, indeed, operating independently of their body while they were clinically dead.

The near-death experiences involve people who, once they left their body under similar circumstances, journey to another, sublime dimensional reality, which they come back and describe. It often involves going down a tunnel, seeing some kind of a mythical Being, and speaking with dead relatives and friends. It’s described as being a heightened reality. They often say it seemed more real than real life did – a vivid, beautiful, ecstatic experience. They usually don’t want to come back, but are often told they have to.

These experiences happen to people from different cultures and backgrounds all over the world. Many studies have been done, but no one is able to explain how they happen. Plenty of skeptics believe something is going on in the brain. However, the people who study them don’t have any model that can explain all the facets of the experience.

They are also life-changing for the experiencers. After they have been in this other realm that they believe to be the afterlife and come back, they are no longer afraid of death. Often they make drastic changes in their life, become more focused on being of service to others, and more spiritually oriented. It often has a profound effect on people….

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In tribute to Benjamin Creme, an artist far ahead of his time, Share International presented a Special Feature focusing on his paintings and his development as an artist. A series of articles, each quite distinct in approach and range highlighted various aspects of his work and extraordinary contribution. Intriguing and new autobiographical material was included revealing Benjamin Creme’s intimate relationship with his Master and how that permeated and informed his paintings which radiate extraordinary energy.

We offer here a brief glimpse into some of these articles which make this particular issue a true collector’s item.


Benjamin Creme – an esoteric artist before his time

by Phyllis Power

Around 1964 Benjamin Creme’s art began to change radically. This was a period in his life between his momentous pledge to work for Maitreya, after having been telepathically contacted by his Master but before he was asked to take on this work fully during a period of intensive training from 1972. BC’s contact with his Master was still private and personal, and he rarely spoke about it. He had worked closely with the Space Brothers but this had now come to an end. For around 10 years he was comparatively free to concentrate on his painting.

Benjamin Creme’s painting had been, as he put it, a personal gift he was born with and that he had come to know about early in his life. When he was 13 he came across a stub of a soft pencil on the ground and discovered how well he could fashion light and shade with it and his art teacher praised it. It was a revelation for him. He did not know until much later that the pencil had been placed there by his Master – but from that time he determined that his vocation in life was to be a painter, and he worked hard at it with no encouragement from his family….

BC’s portraits from his early 20s, often vaguely cubist in style, were outstandingly mature and accomplished. Many also had a rather particular quality in their appeal to the viewer: a blending of precise, carefully wrought formal features with a disarming tenderness. For the next two decades he painted mainly portraits and later landscapes. And although the contact was not so far conscious, his Master was never far away, as is apparent in BC’s painting of The Prophet, 1942,painted when he was only 20.

Modern mandalas

The change in BC’s work as it evolved from around 1964 was dramatic: from the abstract landscapes that he was now painting to what has become known as his ‘esoteric’ art, which Share International readers are familiar with, and which he presents in the booklet issued by the Japanese groups linked with the lithograph reproductions of his work.

BC describes many of his new paintings as modern ‘mandalas’: paintings that can represent symbolically aspects of the universe and through their release of the energy contained in their forms can be used as objects for meditation and greater enlightenment. They are paintings that can give the viewer an experience analogous to that of a profound meditation, when he or she has an awareness of oneness with the object of contemplation and, through that, of oneness with all that exists. For BC this experience of oneness is beauty, which is to be found in all aspects of life:

“Beauty is an expression of a divine idea, and when our expression achieves the revelation of the idea, beauty is created. This is behind all the great art, music, poetry and literature; all the great scientific discoveries in the world; all the great intuitions, in religious terms, about the nature of the reality in which we live. All of that achieves a beauty, a divine radiation, which is only to be found when you are touching the highest, most mysterious parts of life.” (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)

The mandala paintings that BC now came to create were more specifically spiritual in intent, offering the viewer an understanding of the universe of esoteric teaching, as well as an experience of oneness through their serving as an aid to meditation. BC’s explanation of Open Mandala goes further, in focusing on the energy that radiates from the ‘Void’ the painting depicts and that, in turn, evokes a reciprocal, energetic response in the viewer:

“Floating in space, the Open Mandala presents to the viewer a void which attracts and holds the attention in the Void of Cosmos. With the attention held there at the centre of the picture, the Void draws forth the aspiration and longing of the viewer for unity with all things. In response, the Void releases its energy to stimulate and renew the viewer’s aspiration and desire for union. It is a dynamic tool for meditation which, seriously used with regularity, provides a galvanizing means of advancement.” (The Esoteric Art of Benjamin Creme)

The Master’s role

“[My Master] influenced it tremendously. There’s a series of big paintings and He said: “Your paintings are too small.” He gave me ideas for big paintings, which I would never have done but for the Master’s suggestion. Every painting I do, He has a hand in…. I’m sketching and drawing and he’s working through my hand. I let Him do it, you know, like that. He’s a far better drawer than I am, and a designer and so on and I’m finishing up with a great large interesting symbol. But I’ve had to do it. The Master gives the initial push to do it and will maybe lay out the extent of it and so on. But I have to paint it, find the colours, find the relationships and all that. But he’s had such a hand in it that it’s charged with His energy. And all my paintings are charged thereby, and when people look at them, if they look at them for 5 or 6 minutes, seriously looking, not looking for anything but just looking at them, a door opens for the Master. He’s attracted by their looking at my painting and He can see them and what is needed for them that He can do, which might be healing, it might be stimulus of one kind or another. He can give them energy, he can do things when they are in meditation which they can’t do for themselves. It’s a work we do together, the Master and I.”

“With each of the [esoteric paintings] the Master gave me the idea, but they just flash into my mind; he didn’t say: ‘Do a picture about this or that.’ It’s nothing like that but it would flash into my mind and I would start doing the painting. In the course of the painting, I learned what it was about, and it is about what it says on the back of the cards (see Esoteric Art of Benjamin Creme)… from the Master’s point of view. What I was doing, what He was doing through my paintings, was like a very broad and casual snapshot of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings told in painting. Although, I didn’t sit down to give a certain teaching myself, I only learned that by doing the painting.”

Share International July / August 2017 images, Benjamin Creme in his studio in front of his painting ‘The Prophet’

Benjamin Creme in his studio in front of his painting ‘The Prophet’ photo: Jane England

The Prophet (1942)

BC: “The Master told me [that] he put [it] into my mind and it’s a prophet. It’s a very powerful painting. It’s an old man with a very long face, he’s looking straight out, one hand is pointing out, the other is holding a book up and he has an early prophet’s thing over his shoulder…. I didn’t know I was going to become a prophet, but that’s what I’ve been doing since 1975, and I had no idea why The Prophet, it would never have occurred to me and I have no idea why I did it, but I did it, and that’s why.” (December 2013)


Abstraction and unity in the art of Benjamin Creme

by Marc Gregory

Those familiar with Benjamin Creme’s painting will know that, for ease of reference, his output can be divided into two great periods – his predominantly figurative work before 1963/64, and his abstract work thereafter. While there is no doubting the contrast in the subject matters of the two periods – the physical world and then the symbolic world of esoteric meaning – there is also an overarching trajectory that unifies all of his painting, making it all the expression of the same singular, continually expanding artistic vision.

In particular, his work is marked by a unique way of handling abstraction. Creme once stated that he was drawn to abstract expression from very early on. During the 1950s, he devoted a great deal of time and effort to the painting of landscapes, which of course are subjects visible to all. Yet if we look at a remarkable work in this genre from that period, Rain on Hills, South of France (1950), we see a marvelously abstract handling of what is essentially representational painting, a deft and balanced blending of the two. While this in itself is not entirely unique, his way of doing it is. His way of rendering mountains, clouds, terraces and so forth, are all infused with a solid and vigorous personal sense of form and abstraction.

Certainly, these qualities can also be seen in works of his second, esoteric period, where the robust handling of form is now at the service of an entirely symbolic subject matter. A mastery of large-scale form is combined, when necessary, with a striking delicacy, evidenced by the detailed brushwork and subtle rendering of the play of various energies in works like Flame-Coloured Deva (1976-77) and Central Spiritual Sun (1975-77). One of the works that appealingly combines qualities of both periods is the exceptional Oracle from 1984, an esoteric abstract which exhibits a formal and compositional integrity combined with a touch of the wit of Paul Klee, an artist Creme was known to admire….

In the sense that his work absorbs and subsumes the art of the past and from that basis leaps forward into an art of the future, certain parallels then can indeed be drawn between Benjamin Creme and Bach, the most obvious being that the two are artists of the highest order. Two qualities about Benjamin Creme specifically pertain: Firstly, in his esoteric work, he brought to the world an entirely new kind of spiritual art, something heretofore totally unseen. It not only attracts and holds the eye, but imparts something of the profound meaning that is being abstractly represented. Secondly, given the exceptional quality of his entire life’s artistic output, and the fact that the significance of his role as forerunner and spokesperson for Maitreya and the Masters will eventually be understood, in time the shadow of his influence will be extensive indeed. He has opened doors of possibility for artists in decades, perhaps centuries to come, and has shown the world a glimpse of a higher form of symbolic communication from which many may attempt to take their cue. Only some few, however, may be possessed of the kind of talent Benjamin Creme embodied and will be sufficiently focused to be able to access the level of spiritual intuition from whence his art came.…


Living and working outside of time

by Gill Fry

As many people who have worked with Benjamin Creme can testify, he was a great teacher to be around; not by giving any regimented lessons, but by his living example of how to ‘be’. Through working with him and observing him in action, certain qualities shone through which were inspiring and illuminating….

BC would spend a lot of time sitting back looking at the paintings he was working on, and remarked that this was one of the most important parts of the creative process, and sometimes took the longest time. BC wrote about this process, and the challenge of every new painting:

“I have been conscious all my working life as a painter that I had been meditating even long before I actually took up meditation. Every picture I painted, I felt afterwards, was a state of meditation. All the time I would be searching for the right tone of a colour or the exact angle of a form. Without thinking of anything else except that, just the problems of painting, I would be invoking the intuition. There are no other answers to it… Every time I painted, and this is still the same, it is as if I am starting painting for the first time. A new picture is like my first picture. I am on tenterhooks. I really do not know how it will be. You have to get into the deep concentration that invokes the intuition…. Intuition is certainly something that can be invoked and expanded. Like everything, the more you do it, the more you can do it, until it is automatic. You bring in the light of the soul. You do not sit down and visualize a beam of light coming down onto the problem, but you lift your attention to a level where your soul can, through the intuition, enlighten you, give you the answer.” (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Living)

Another quality that BC displayed in all aspects of his work was his extraordinary patience and sense of being outside of time limitations; a freedom and detachment that made possible a life of such concentrated work and complex demands. He often referred to a quote from the Agni Yoga teachings: “‘If you love work, understand it as a substitute for time.’ That is precisely what work is. If you love work, in the sense of dedicating your time and energy to a creative process of whatever kind, it becomes a substitute for time. Time disappears in that state of creativity.” (SI, Jan/Feb 1997)


“As an artist, I am very conscious of this flow, this sequence of creative activity followed by a fallow period of inactivity in which you have to go and look and absorb or do something else. Then it builds up, gradually, without thinking about it, into another creative activity. It takes place as a sequence, a cyclic flow, a rhythm of activity followed by inactivity. I believe this cyclic activity and inactivity is closely connected with the absence of time. If you are dominated by time, you say you have no time to do your work, no time to create. If you do it, you find you have time to do it….” (Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three)

Through his writing and teaching, and by his living example, BC demonstrated how to prioritize service activity and focus in these pressing times, yet at the same time be detached and ‘outside of time’ – a state that is joyful and detached and allows the creative process to flourish.


“Combing the heavens for beauty” – a service to humanity

by Felicity Eliot

Service to humanity

How can a painting, a work of art, be said to be a service to humanity?

Both the Master DK and BC have written that it is the disciples, the more evolved individuals, who create the culture of a country. El Greco was of the opinion that “the language of art is celestial in origin and can only be understood by the chosen.” “Understood” meaning seen and experienced by the artist. And BC’s Master writes: “There comes a time in the history of each nation when its soul quality begins to manifest itself more powerfully and to give rise to the appearance of major figures in the realms of art or science, politics or religion. When this happens, we see the emergence of influential men and women who give colour and coherence to a nation’s endeavours. Deeply creative, they inspire those around them with their vision, and help to create the culture of their time. They are the disciples and initiates who articulate for others the genius of their nation.” (A Master Speaks, from ‘The emergence of great servers’)

Benjamin Creme was a man (and an initiate), precisely right for his time but also far ahead of our times. He was born, lived and worked at the right time, in that he was a way-shower and a prophet working precisely when needed. But he also threw light on the path that many now stand ready to tread – as humanity is growing into the realization that divinity is not only external to us but is immanent in all life.

BC is mainly known for his work as a prophet, preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher. But he served equally as an artist, who combed the heavens and from those heights brought back the Golden Fleece, and through his painting revealed aspects of life which we may be able only dimly to intuit. Through BC’s close contact with his Master lives have been enriched and expanded, imbued with new qualities. This is what genius is – the ability to touch the mysteries and bring them back down to earth for others.

“To the esotericist, an artist is someone who attunes himself to the vibration of Reality and gives that expression…. The greater the art the more profound the symbol will be, the more expressive it will be of the meaning which it symbolizes. The great artist can show us something of the nature of that mysterious essence of Reality we know as beauty and something of the nature of that which we call God. Ideally, of course, every painter wishes his paintings to speak for themselves.” (Benjamin Creme, The Esoteric Art of Benjamin Creme)


The title of this article refers to BC’s comment (Maitreya’s Mission Volume Two) about Mozart who, as a third-degree initiate, “combed the heavens for beauty – because that is what the artist does; he searches the heavens and looks for that vibration of reality which, when expressed in form, creates beauty.”

Definition of Art by BC’s Master:

“Art is not propaganda, however skilful, for any cause, however good. Art is not the imitation or description, however exact, of natural phenomena, or natural effects. Art is the creation, or setting in motion, of causes.

It is the expression by the artist of his perceptions of Reality, from his response to Its vibrations.” – Benjamin Creme’s Master

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