Table of contents of 'A Master Speaks'

A New Age concept of time


A new approach to social living

The return of the Christ

The gift of life

A new era dawns

The new civilization

Reason and intuition

Health and healing (part 1)

Health and healing (part 2)

Political forms in the New Age

The creation of new structures

Life in the New Age

The future beckons

A time of change

We are not discouraged

A better future for all

The need for synthesis

The joy of living

The art of living

The turning-point

Let there be light

Victory is assured

A major opportunity


Justice is divine

The Son of Man

Human rights

The need for unity

The Masters in the world

Co-workers with God


The Law of Rebirth

The Knowers return

The future


Maitreya's mission

Maitreya's call

The path to the future

Sharing for peace

Love - the way forward

The role of man

Psychism today

The Divine science

The emergence of great servers

A call to service

The need to love

The benefactors

The moment of truth

The Guardians

Leisure is the key

A question of priorities

Health and healing (part 3)

The problem of AIDS

The case for sharing

The emergence of Maitreya

The new simplicity

The time ahead

God's Representative

The luminous age ahead

The linking kingdom

Continuity of consciousness

Fear of change

The new education

The new revelation

At the door of initiation

The hour approaches

The Great Lord emerges

The Great Approach

The Waters of Aquarius

The Avatar

A new era has begun

The coming harmony

The reordering of priorities

The need for trust

The Plan

Awakening to responsibility

New light, new understanding

The pairs of opposites

The Age of Light

The Era of Righteousness

Infinity the goal

His name is Love

Day of destiny

The threshold of rebirth

They will not be denied

The hour has struck

Magic, black and white

A time to serve

Life abundant

The wane of fundamentalism

The need for action

The dream of brotherhood

The dark before the dawn

The people's voice is heard

The teaching of Maitreya

The Middle East

The coming of the Great Lord

Maitreya's light

The call to service

True and false Christs

The pressure mounts

The problems of change

End of a dark chapter

A new world in the making

The bringers of treasure

The promise of the future

The Fiery Light

The people's voice

Growth of consciousness

The Plan works out

Waiting for the new

We await the Call

The One who knocks

The end of hunger

The Teachers are ready

The future of freedom and justice

The mantle of power

At the crossroads

The New Life

A new realism

The new and blessed time

The destined hour

The path to Divinity

The dormant fire

A world in change

Reflections of the Divine

The era of light

The voice of Maitreya

To serve anew

Events without precedent

The doors stand open

He awaits your recognition

Humanity must choose

The requirements of change

The eleventh hour

A new Earth

The dilemma of choice

The unfolding Plan

Maitreya's counsel

The disciples and the Plan

The age of miracles has no end

The day of liberation

The Masters enter man's domain

All will be well

The domain of Truth

Man's momentous choice

Welcome to the feast

A perennial choice

The end of cleavage

Co-operation - the keynote

The Day of Days

The Masters emerge

The century's end

The end of conflict

The recognition of Maitreya

Coping with change


The future is assured

A time like no other

A nation mourns

The choice is man's

The time has come

Man's essential choice

The seeds of wisdom

The blueprint of the Divine

Unique is the time

The reception of Maitreya

The coming century

The world, today, is One

The restoration of the Plan

The New Age is upon us

Prelude to change

The common good

Inclusiveness the key

The end of the 'barbarian age'

All things new

The rule of Law

A hard lesson

A testing time

The Blueprint of the future

The Laws and Rules of Life

Humanity's response to Maitreya

The New Millennium begins

The voice of the future

The requirements of the future

The end of chaos

A new Freedom

Moving into Divinity

The art of co-operation

Opportunity and challenge


The people stir

A new beginning

Overcoming the fear of change

Great things are afoot

The New Time for men

Man's birthright awaits him

The Great Mother



The reception of Maitreya

Turn the tide of hate

The entry of Maitreya

The missing link

Warriors of Light

Humanity's choice

A time of decision

A new day

Maitreya at the door

Maitreya hastens to emerge

The family

The glamour of power

The destined path

A saner view of life

The rise of people power

The ending of bondage

The waiting world

The creation of trust

Aiding the cause of peace

The brightest future

Aquarius, the giver of Unity

The secret of living

A time without precedent