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UFO sightings everywhere
ìI don't know what I saw, but I saw itî

A summary report of sightings in Belgium, USA, Switzerland, the Soviet Union, Italy and Canada.

ìThere will be renewed spaceship and UFO activity in the skies.î
ìPeople will report that they have seen big flashes in the sky, that
they saw something land, that people came out, that people returned.î (Share International, April 1990, text received 27 February)

BELGIUM – Dozens of Belgians, including 18 members of the
police, saw UFOs during the night of 30/31 March – luminous
triangles which sometimes hung motionless in the sky and at other
times moved with great rapidity. The UFOs were also filmed with
a video camera. Police officer Jacques Pinson, one of the UFO
observers, said at a press conference: ìThey were not stars or
aeroplanes. I do not know what it was I saw and I have not come
to any conclusions about it. But whatever it was, there is no doubt
that I saw it.î

The physicist LÈon BrÈnig declared at the press conference that
the objects on video tape were the same as the UFOs he saw
himself two weeks previously. According to the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws BrÈnig said, ìOn 18 March I saw the triangle with my own eyes. The object came towards me very slowly, turned on its axis and disappeared in the direction of a group of people who also saw it.î Because all these independent sightings were very much alike, during the Easter weekend the Belgian airforce went out to investigate the phenomenon.

Although there were again countless reports of sightings from
witnesses on the ground, nothing was seen from the aeroplanes.
The weekly HUMO and several newspapers did report, however,
that inexplicable radar signals had been received by the Belgian
airforce. HUMO quoted from official documents which confirm
that, since November, radar stations have been registering such
ìmoving objectsî which are not recognized by computers as either
aeroplanes or any other known object.

Several of the radar sightings correspond with UFO sightings
reported by members of the public and police, made at the same
time in the same place.

In the South of Holland the newspaper De Limburger received a
report from a reader that she had seen luminous disks in the air on
three consecutive Sundays. ìI am quite certain. If you have seen it
yourself you can no longer deny the UFO phenomenon.î

USA – People across Southern California reported seeing flashing
streaks of green and orange light in early May. The lights lasted
for several minutes and hundreds of residents called Griffith Park
Observatory in Los Angeles to report what they had seen.
Spokesmen for the Observatory attributed the lights to a meteor,
since meteor showers had been frequent during the month
preceding the incident. According to Benjamin Creme's Master,
however, the lights were not caused by a meteor, but resulted
from activity by the Space Brothers.

SWITZERLAND – The newspaper L'Impartial reported in mid April
that a reader had seen a UFO during the previous night.

ITALY – Hundreds of people and several pilots reported seeing an
unidentified flying object over Rome. Police received calls
describing a ìkind of luminous ball that left smoke in its trail.î

SOVIET UNION – Though UFO sightings have become almost
commonplace recently in the Soviet Union, several were so
startling as to warrant media coverage. One was in the Volga city
of Ulyanovsk, where pilots, air traffic controllers and hundreds of
residents saw what appeared to be a blue-green ball hovering
above the city in the evening. Another was in the village of
Voronez, where residents reported a huge fireball in the sky and
the next day, beneath the area where the fireball was seen,
discovered a cylindrical hole five metres deep, 100 mm wide and tilted at a 70 degree angle. And at Pereslavi-Zalesski, air defence
units stationed in the area reported they have been detecting
regular UFO flights.

CANADA – Canada recently brought out its first national summary
of UFO reports. Last year 141 reports were officially received of
unidentifiable phenomena in the air, among which were flashes of
light, a flying saucer above Newfoundland and a diamond shaped
object above Manitoba.

  From the September 1990 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005