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UFO sightings

A summary report of sightings in Chile, Ireland, South Africa, Turkey, UK, and the USA.

Chile – A luminous sphere sailed slowly across the sky above the city of Punta Arenas on 29 June 2004, changing colours, and bringing traffic in the city to a standstill as drivers got out of their cars to get a better look.

The object was seen at first light at Tres Puentes, to the north of the city. Local radio station phone lines were jammed with callers. ìA gentleman phoned in, saying that there was a light that shone intensely. This was the first call at around 6.30am. Then people kept calling,î said Claudio Vidal of Radio Polar. ìPeople spent a long time watching the phenomenon. Folks working at the fisheries phoned in, and since they usually get home before dawn, they said that the light has been seen over that same area for five days straight.î Radio announcer Alfred Vera took photos of the object showing ìa burning ball, something red, green, blueî.

(Source: Institute of Hispanic Ufology,

Ireland – Two men working high up a radio mast in County Monaghan have reported seeing an enormous, silent, delta-winged craft traverse the sky at ultrasonic speed in the direction of Belfast, reaching the horizon in just a few seconds.

ìI am convinced it was a man-made advanced space craft,î said Miles Johnston, from the Irish UFO Research Centre. ìWe had a good long look at it in a clear blue sky.î Dublin-based rigger Terry Malone described the object as ìabsolutely enormousî. ìIt was huge, high, and travelling at some speed,î he said. ìI've seen B52s going over and you can hear them buzzing, but there was not a sound from this thing. And it was gone in an instant.î (Source: Belfast Telegraph, UK)

South Africa – ìThe light was so bright, at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals,î said Roshnie Naidu from Durban, South Africa. ìBut when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains and check what it was.

ìIt looked like a massive ball of light, much brighter than the sun, with blue and purple colours filtering through. My eyes were glued to it for almost 10 minutes, it was unbelievable. I had never seen anything like it beforeÖ. After a couple of seconds, the object would change shape from being circular to oval.î

She woke up her husband, Shrirama, who captured the event on his video camera. The object remained in the sky for about three hours in the early morning of 27 June 2004. (Source:, Daily News, South Africa;

Turkey – UFOs have been sighted over three neighbouring villages in the province of Usak, Turkey, which saw similar phenomena in 2001.

Villagers Ibrahim Uysal (71) and Ismet G¸n (49), from G¸ll¸bag, said on 25 June 2004 that they saw bright objects radiating lights over the minarets of the village's mosque following morning prayers; and Mustafa «akiroglu (36), said that he also witnessed the same objects while working in the early morning in his field at the nearby village of Konak.

A 19-year-old boy claimed on 5 December 2002, in Davulga, Emirdag County, near the city of Afyon, to have filmed the images of bright flying objects on his video camera on two successive nights and days. (Source:

UK – UFOs were seen in the skies above Emley Moor, West Yorkshire, in the north of England, on 14 June 2004. What appears to be five objects flying in perfect formation were captured on film at about 3pm. Mark Windle, who took photographs, said: ìIt looked to me as if they were objects that were burning up in the atmosphere. There was another plane in the sky and it looked different.î

Another onlooker said that as soon as she saw the lights she went to get her camera. But the objects were travelling fast, and by the time she returned with her camera they had disappeared. ìWe usually have planes flying past but not in such a regular formation,î she said. ìIt was very strange.î (Source: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, UK)

USA– UFO researchers Joe and Linda Montaldo of Metairie, Louisiana, videotaped a dark, oblong shape with flashing blue, green, red and yellow lights, on 24 May 2004. They watched the object hover for 11 minutes over Lake Pontchartrain. (Source: The Times-Picayune, USA;

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that in every report above the sightings are of Martian spacecraft.)

 From the September 2004 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005