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 UFO sightings worldwide

A summary report of sightings in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Malaysia, Norway, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Turkey, UK, the Ukraine, and Venezuela.

"Keep an eye on the skies over Britain, Europe, the whole world. There will be much activity. This is a time when highly evolved beings are moving into the world, in every nation and country, giving experiences to people, showing them a higher life, a higher wisdom." (Maitreya's associate, Share International, April 1990) Media around the world are reporting hundreds of sightings of unidentified flying objects, including the selection below:

AZERBAIJAN: On 20 June 2002 four silvery-white disks appeared over the capital Bakou, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Seen by hundreds of people, the first disk arrived at about 10am, followed later by three others. The UFOs remained stationary above the city until 3pm, when they moved slowly towards the Caspian Sea before disappearing. (Source: Al- Azerbaijani; American Freedom News radio, Azerbaijan)

 BULGARIA: Over several nights in August 2002 residents in the city of Vizrojdentsi saw strange manoeuvres in the sky. One witness, Anton Dimitrov, aged 14, says that "the first UFO was a bright red triangle". Two other craft followed, moving in a figure-of-eight with as many as 10 disks in the sky before disappearing." (Source: Standart, Bulgaria)

FRANCE: In June 2002, a flat object, flying straight but tilting to one side, was photographed near Tosnen, in the Alps. On 5 July eight red lights, flying in two triangular formations, were seen over Le Pertuis and La Motte d'Aigues. On 8 and 10 July a yellow, lighted sphere was seen flying over Argonnay, in the Alps. Witnesses said that the light was only 300 metres away and was moving at a regular speed, with a sudden increase in brightness just before it disappeared. On 4 August five ovoid objects were seen flying towards the dismantled nuclear plant of Brennilis, Britanny. On 8 August a UFO was seen and photographed above the city of Douai. (Sources: VSD Magazine, Nord Matin, L'Alsace, France Ovni, France)

MALAYSIA: Images of a UFO were captured by a surveillance camera at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Malaysia. Security officers were surprised to see an unknown object flying across the screen and disappearing within seconds. Also a security guard in the area saw a UFO rising near the ocean, flying over the terminal at great speed, then disappearing behind the adjacent hills. He reported: "There was no sound at all." (Source: Daily Express, Malaysia)

NORWAY: Hessdalen, an isolated valley in south-east Norway, is wellknown for its mysterious flying objects and light phenomena that began on a massive scale in the early 1980s. Theories and speculations abound as to the nature of the mysterious lights, which occur both day and night. 'Project Hessdalen' was launched to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, which as yet remains unexplained.

Many local residents who witness the objects almost daily, consider the phenomenon to involve alien intelligence. Anders Berglund of Sweden, has visited Hessdalen for many years, and reports a UFO sighting in July 2002. Driving out of Hessdalen with his fiancÈe and her daughter, they suddenly noticed an elongated object in the clear sky. They stopped the car to get a better view with binoculars. Since it had no wings, jet engines, propellers, signal lights or windows, Berglund concluded that it could not be a plane or any other flying object that he was familiar with from serving at a Swedish airforce base.

"From what I could see, the object was cigar-shaped with a smooth, metallic surface of a light golden-brown colour. It was moving silently at about 100 km per hour from the east towards the mountains in the north, where it disappeared from view after a couple of minutes. It was difficult to see through the binoculars since the object filled the entire lens, but looking at it with the naked eye, I would say it was about 11-15 metres long. The object was flying at about 200 metres above us ... It was moving totally silently and at low speed, so you could get quite a good view of it." Anders firmly believes the Hessdalen phenomenon is caused by alien intelligence which is gradually trying to make contact with us. (Source: SI interview) See also: SI Sep 2001. To visit Project Hessdalen website:

SRI LANKA: On 9 June 2002 many UFO sightings were reported over the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, north-east of Colombo. A "V-shaped" light was seen by hundreds of witnesses, including a television journalist. A team of astrophysicists from the University of Colombo tried unsuccessfully to determine the nature of this light, which moved at a very high speed while emitting a buzzing sound. (Source: Times of India, India and Sri Lanka;

THE PHILIPPINES: On 28 June 2002 Eleazar H.Allen, a worker at the Dole plantation in Pomolok, on the west coast of Mindanao Island, saw a brilliant "Èclair-shaped" object in the sky. It quickly changed to a flying object as wide as an Airbus aircraft (but without wings), silver in colour and with metallic strips on its upper section. After shooting off in the direction of the plantation, it suddenly reversed 10 times faster and disappeared in the sky. (Source:

TURKEY: On 5 June 2002 Haktan Akdogan, director of the Sirius Centre for Research on UFOs and Space Sciences, gave a briefing on UFOs to 70 high-ranking navy and airforce officers. A number of UFO cases were presented to the officers, who agreed to co-operate and exchange information on the "reality of UFOs in Turkey". (Source:

 UK: A photograph of an unidentified flying object taken in Kent in June 2002 excited Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO Magazine, who called it "one of the greatest ever UFO pictures". It shows a tower-like structure on top "very similar to the McMinnville and Rouen sightings", he said - referring to photographs taken over McMinnville, Oregon, USA, in 1950 and Rouen, France, in 1964. The photograph was snapped in a field in Tonbridge, UK, by an anonymous photographer who sent it to the local newspaper, The Kent and Sussex Courier. The object was seen for 10 minutes moving sideways before suddenly disappearing. (Source: Daily Mail, UK)

UKRAINE: On 5 July 2002 a dazzling light, similar to that produced by the explosion of a missile, was simultaneously seen by the pilot of an El Al plane en route between Tel Aviv and Moscow, and the pilot of an Oural Airlines plane flying from Odessa to Ekaterinbourg. Remembering the dramatic case of an Ukrainian missile which destroyed a civil plane in October 2001, both pilots alerted the authorities. Ukrainian authorities issued a formal denial because all missile activity has been forbidden since the incident, and in fact no Ukrainian radar observed any trace of the light. The light was witnessed by many people who described it as "a red ball". (Source: Agence France-Presse, France; Reuters, Associated Press)

VENEZUELA: On 3 June 2002, a brilliant, flat, circular UFO appeared above the electricity power plant in Bello Monte near Caracas. Witnesses described the craft as having powerful red, yellow and white lights, like those in a sports stadium, flashing in an alternating pattern. The spacecraft stood still for a while and then began oscillating smoothly before disappearing and reappearing twice more. (Source:

  From the December 2002 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005