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UFO sightings around the world

A summary report of sightings in Turkey, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand.

Share International frequently prints reports about sightings of spacecraft. The small selection below represents only a fraction of the many reports found in the world's media in recent years.

The following accounts have all been confirmed by Benjamin Creme's Master as authentic sightings of spacecraft, in each case from Mars, during November and December 2002.

UFOs prevent meteor crashing in Turkey

Turkey – On 1 November 2002, according to a Turkish UFO site, airline pilots in several different planes, as well as witnesses on the ground, saw a bright light which they at first thought was another plane. However, when it broke up into a group of smaller lights and rapidly vanished, they realized it was a UFO. One pilot said: ìI'm 100 per cent certain that the object I saw was not a conventional aircraft, an asteroid or a comet. It was definitely a UFO.î

One of the pilots described the sighting: ìWe realized that it was not a conventional aircraft but certainly a UFO. As a matter of fact, I saw 10 or 15 constant lights flying very close to each other, and there was a blinking bright white light underneath. These white lights were leaving yellowish trails behind them. Then they started to move away from each other. We observed them for about 40 seconds until they disappeared, so I concluded that they flew faster than the speed of light.î

Another pilot reported: ìWe realized that it's quite unlikely for this thing to be an asteroid. From the reddish colour emerging from it, we thought that it might be an airplane in some state of emergency or even about to crash. When it came to the 12 o'clock position we saw a mass of red light in front of it, small light formations stretching back behind it, and one more blinking light on its rear edge as if it were the beacon of an airplane. This thing was definitely not an airplane or an asteroid. It was something like glowing light formations moving together in a bigger mass of light. [Then] the mass of light disappeared and the small bright formations moved away.î

Yet another pilot said: ì14 minutes after we took off from Antalya Airport for Munich, a light approaching from the west caught our attention. At first, thinking it was an airliner approaching, we looked out of the window with extreme interest. As it came closer it got bigger, allowing its huge mass to be seen. We looked at each other with amazement, and continued watching, stunned. At first sight it appeared like a single mass, but as it came nearer we saw a huge mass in the middle surrounded by tens of plane-like objects. I first thought that they had been carrying out some kind of fuel transfer in the air. But that wouldn't be possible with so many airplanes.

ìWe couldn't grasp what was happening. We asked the radar station in Ankara if they picked up any signals. They said they had not seen anything on the screen. Sun Express pilots also stated that they had seen UFOs. There was no signal on the military radar indicating the presence of an unknown object.î

The UFO was seen from the ground as well. ìWhen we were preparing for departure from Antalya for Stuttgart,î reported an airline captain, ìI spotted a flying object that we couldn't identify. We had completed all preparations and were waiting for the passengers to come on board. When I stepped into the cabin to confirm that everything was ready for take-off, one of our cabin attendants called: ëCaptain, could you come over, there's something I'd like to show you.' Our plane was facing west. When we looked north/north-west, I saw a bizarre flying object. I couldn't estimate how high it was flying. It was faster than an airplane but still too slow to be a shooting star or asteroid. It was more like a ball of fire leaving trails behind, flying from west to east. As it was moving out of sight, its glow was phasing out. I then learned that some other colleagues had watched the same object, and what they saw confirmed my observation.î

The manager of a nearby hotel was driving, when: ìI saw a marvellous shooting star that made an angle of 90 degrees down to the ground. At exactly the same time as I watched that magnificent view, I saw a cluster of light moving on my right. What I saw was violating the laws of physics. If it were an asteroid it would crash into the ground at extreme speed. [Then] the object – whatever it is – disappeared. I couldn't figure out what it was. Some friends warned me that I might face cynical attitudes, so I kept silent until I heard the news on 7 November 2002.î

The UFO was also seen by an imam when he went to the mosque for early morning prayers. ìI saw luminous objects looking like long minarets,î he said, while another witness recounted: ìA little while before the prayer-call we saw a number of objects in the sky. The objects then formed a cluster of yellow light. It was glowing all around. I wouldn't believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.î


(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that these sightings were of a meteor reducing in size as it disintegrated under the action of the UFOs – see box below.)

 Q. (1) The internet site reported this remarkable event: A meteor, entering the atmosphere of the Earth above Turkey on 1 November 2002 and likely to have caused a major disaster, was pulverized and rendered harmless by a UFO before it could strike the Earth. This conclusion was made by a research centre which investigated the reports of six aircrews. Amateur photographs and video recordings have also been made of the event.

Was there really an enormous meteor above Turkey on 1 November 2002? (2) If so, did a UFO destroy this meteor and why? (3) On whose authority would a UFO do this? (4) Where did this UFO come from and how could a UFO react so quickly?

A.     (1) Yes. (2) Yes. It would have caused enormous damage and loss of life. (3) There is a standing order to UFO crews to help in this way. (4) Mars. They do not work in ëtime' as we know it.

Argentina – In November 2002, UFOs were seen over Buenos Aires and videotaped by witnesses on the ground. One witness photographed a fleet of three objects descending over the north-eastern section of the city. Minutes earlier, another object reportedly flashed for several minutes over two other sections of the city at an altitude of 1,500 metres (5,000 feet).

Canada – On 21 December 2002 a witness reported: ìI was on the ferry going from Victoria to Vancouver, British Columbia [across the Strait of Georgia on Canada's west coast]. At 9.20am, I went out on deck. There was a blue sky but with lots of clouds that were moving quite fast because of the wind. I saw a white ball or sphere-shaped object approaching a cloud. It didn't move very fast. It seemed to float, but I know it wasn't a balloon. It was very white. It didn't look very big, but who can tell at that height? I watched it for about 10 seconds, not taking my eyes off it.

ìAs it was approaching a cloud ... I waited for it to reappear after the wind moved the cloud, but I never saw it again... It was moving in a north-westerly direction until it was covered by the cloud. Then I don't know what happened to it. The length of the event took approximately 10 to 15 seconds.î

Colombia – On 28 November 2002 several silver disc-shaped objects were spotted over Bogota. The objects, described by witnesses as ìvarious flattened spheresî, were spotted hovering over the Cerro Monserrate region. At the Bogota office of Contacto OVNI de Colombia, a UFO research group, telephones were ringing off the hook with witnesses' accounts of the sighting.

Contacto OVNI investigator Juan Arana drove out to Cerro Monserrate with his video camera, and arrived in time to ìfilm several UFOs performing irregular and unusual manoeuvres over the hill and surrounding neighbourhoods before flying away suddenly from the areaî.

MexicoOn 17 November 2002 a spherical UFO with a metallic appearance was reportedly seen by dozens of witnesses at an automobile rally stadium near Mexico City. According to Mexican ufologists Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar: ìThe UFO made motions to both the left and the right above the crowd. It was also detected by air traffic controllers at the Mexico City International Airport.î

Salazar reports that the UFO was challenged at an altitude of 1,500 metres (5,000 feet) by a weather helicopter, which caught images of the object on its automatic camera. Witnesses saw the UFO moving around in the sky north of the stadium for up to 10 minutes, then flying away at great velocity.

On 22 November 2002 an incandescent object reportedly hovered over a hilly area near the small town of Zihuatanejo. The object, ìwhich covered the sky with great splendourî, caused traffic jams on the main roads leading out of the town. According to Mexican ufologist Alberto Gomez, the UFO was also seen by people in neighbouring towns. Shortly after the object disappeared, troops of the Mexican Army arrived in Zihuatanejo to investigate, but found no trace of the UFO.

New Zealand – At 11pm on 24 December 2002 Karen Dugdale and her son were at home in Little Manly, Whangaparaoa, when she saw ìseveral round shapes of 10 to 12, green in colour, which appeared to be in one large circle. The objects travelled from within the large white cloud and moved from top-right to bottom-left of the clouds. My son thought it was moving in a circular motion. And, as the cloud changed shape and became smaller, the circle of lights disappeared until it vanished altogether. As it moved, the circles stayed together as one circle. This lasted approximately 20 minutes.î


  From the May 2004 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005