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Disclosure: UFO project launches public campaign
by Cielito Pascual and Phyllis Ison

A report on the initial launching of the UFO Disclosure Project, founded by Dr Steven Greer. Testimony of several top-level witnesses is summarized. 

Once you listen to Dr Steven Greer speak, you can't help but walk out into the world with a different view of everyday reality. According to him, the cars rushing by are running on technology obsolete for 50 years. The haze in the sky is from pollution that need not exist. And the most disquieting claim of all: that the technology which could have freed the world from many of its most persistent problems has been withheld from us for three generations.

Dr Greer, a former emergency-room physician, presented these claims at a major press conference in Washington DC in May 2001 with the official launch of his UFO Disclosure Project campaign. ìThe reason that we are coming forward now is that we are asking Congress and President Bush to move toward an official inquiry and disclosure on this subject,î declared Dr Greer. ìIt has the most profound implications for the human future, for US national security and for world peace. The physical technologies connected with UFOs and extraterrestrial vehicles, if declassified and used for peaceful energy generation and propulsion, would definitively solve the looming energy crisis. They would end global warming and overcome the environmental challenges Earth is facing.î

Twenty-one witnesses from Dr Greer's team of over 400 men and women gave their testimony before journalists from the world's top media outlets. Witnesses were selected on the basis of their ranking in government service, their unambiguous testimony on UFOs, their ability to corroborate the experiences of others, and the integrity of their background. Some of them have held security clearances at the highest levels of the US military. Their statements involve actual witnessing of UFO craft, first-hand observation of US Government cover-up on events and records pertaining to UFOs, and the reality of ready-to-implement energy systems derived from extraterrestrial technology.

The primary objective of the Disclosure Project is to catalyze a citizens' movement that will demand an official and open Congressional investigation into the UFO phenomenon and end decades of government concealment of the issue.

Towards this purpose, Dr Greer and his team have put together a 500-page briefing document which includes transcripts of over four dozen interviews with scientific, military and civilian witnesses. The following summaries of testimony are based on statements made at the Washington press conference, at a Disclosure Project public symposium also in Washington, and from transcripts of interviews published in the briefing document.

The eyewitness

Lieutenant Graham Bethune is a retired US Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance. In 1951, Bethune was assigned to fly high-ranking US military officers and civilians from Keflavik, Iceland, to Ardentia, Newfoundland. Just after midnight, as their plane headed toward its destination, Commander Bethune, his crew, and all 31 of his VIP passengers witnessed a 300-foot UFO.

ìAbout 300 miles outside of Argentia, Newfoundland, I saw a glow on the water. As we approached this glow, it turned into hundreds of circles of white lights on the water. We watched it for a while; when the lights went out, there was nothing on the water. The next thing that we saw was a yellow halo that was very small, about 15 miles away. It came up to 10,000 feet in a fraction of a second. I disengaged the autopilot and pushed the nose over, because I was going to go under it at the angle that it was coming toward me. The minute that I did that, it was up at our altitude and I could see nothing outside of the cockpit but this craft.

ìI didn't know which way to go. Then all of a sudden I heard a racket. I didn't know what it was. And I said: ëWhat the hell was that?' One of the crewmen looked around and said: ëEveryone [in the plane] was ducking [down] and they collided [with each other]. They were all lying on the [floor of the plane].'

ìThen [the UFO] appeared over to the right, moved out slowly and flew with us. It was not at our altitude, but we could see the shape of it. It was a dome and I could see the coronal discharge. I went back aft, let the other pilot, Al Jones, take my seat, and went to see if the passengers were OK. They had some bumps and bruises. One passenger was a doctor so I went to him first. I said: ëDoc, did you see what we saw?' He looked me straight in the eye and said: ëYeah, it was a flying saucer.' He said: ëI didn't look at it because I don't believe in such things.' It took me a couple of seconds to realize what he was saying. Being a psychiatrist, he couldn't believe in that kind of thing.

ìSo I went back to the cockpit and said, ìAl, whatever you do, don't tell anybody we saw anything. They will lock us up as soon as we get on the ground.î He says: ëIt's too late. I just called Gander control [in Newfoundland] to see if they could track this by radar.' So that's how the story got out.î

Once the plane landed at Argentia, the entire crew was interrogated by military personnel. ìIt was obvious from the questions and demeanor of the US Navy men who debriefed us that they'd seen things out there before,î said Bethune. When the crew returned to the Patuxant River Naval Air Test Center in Maryland, they were required to file individual reports.

Years later Bethune was able to retrieve these reports from the National Archives and confirmed that the UFO they encountered that night had traveled 10,000 feet straight up in a fraction of a second and was tracked on radar at 1,800 miles per hour, well exceeding the 500 miles-per-hour capacity of the most advanced man-made craft at that time.

The cover-up

For six years, John Callahan was the division chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington DC. The FAA is responsible for the airspace above the United States and its territories.

In 1986, an incident occurred in Alaska in which, it was reported to Callahan, a UFO followed a Boeing 747 airplane for 31 minutes, then trailed a United Airlines flight on its final approach towards landing, at which point the UFO disappeared.

The incident is considered the best-documented UFO event to date, with visual confirmation as well as air-based and ground-based radar confirmation. After collecting the radar and sound recordings, Callahan and his staff precisely synchronized the voice recordings of the pilot, the air-traffic controller and the military controller with the radar images, and videotaped the presentation with Callahan's personal video camera.

The audio and video recordings were presented to the FAA administrator, who then set up a briefing with President Ronald Reagan's Scientific Study Team. Attending this meeting, Callahan observed, were three CIA officials, three FBI officials, and other officials whom he said did not identify themselves but appeared to be very excited about the evidence being presented.

At the close of the meeting, one of the CIA men announced: ìYou are now sworn to secrecy. This meeting never happened and this event never happened.î Callahan told the man: ìYou've got to tell the public about this.î  He said: ìNo, we don't tell the public about this; it would panic the public.î

Callahan recounted: ìWhen we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, I was standing behind the group that was there. And when they were speaking to the people in the room, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. It always bothered me that we have these things going on, and when you see or hear something on the news, it's just dismissed. I have a hard time saying nothing.î

All the documenting evidence at the briefing was confiscated by the CIA representatives. However, Callahan retained copies of the materials in his office which remained there until he retired in 1988. These materials – the radar video, voice transcripts, the FAA report, and the computer printouts of the event – are now in safekeeping with the Disclosure Project.

NASA involvement in the cover-up  

Donna Hare was a contract employee working as a technical illustrator and engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from 1967 to 1981. During Hare's time at NASA she held a secret clearance pass which gave her access to restricted areas.

In 1971 she walked into a NASA photo lab which had restricted clearance and started a conversation with one of the technicians who was also a friend. He drew her attention to an aerial photograph of the earth that had a ìdotî on it. When she asked if the ìdotî was on the emulsion he smiled and answered: ìDots on the emulsion do not leave round shadows on the ground.î He further explained: ìWe always airbrush these out before we sell them to the public. We can't have creatures appearing on this photograph we want to get rid of.î

Hare realized what her friend was implying and was shocked to realize that there was a protocol for eliminating UFO images in pictures. So she began asking questions of the employees around her and what she found was even more disturbing. She learned that employees were being instructed not to talk about any UFO evidence they had seen. Also, astronauts who had witnessed UFO craft had signed oaths of silence and if they spoke, they would have their pensions taken away.

Hare had an incident described to her of armed guards hitting one man because he glanced at one of the UFO pictures while following instructions to destroy them. One man she knew well had been ìin quarantine with the astronautsî. He told her that craft had been on the moon when the astronauts landed. A short time after their conversation, Hare was never able to contact the man again, as if he ìdisappeared off the face of the Earthî.

Says Hare: ìOne of the things that I'm upset about is that good people are forced to do illegal things. And I believe that this information should be given to the American people. I'm willing to testify before Congress that what I've said is true.î

 Advanced technology

One of the aims of the Disclosure Project is to establish that significant technological breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have resulted from the study of extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs). The following accounts have a bearing on that claim.

Sergeant Clifford Stone, United States Army (Retired), describes how he was regularly sent to recover debris from downed UFO craft. ìI was involved in those types of operations to retrieve crashed ET objects. A lot of people think that you are just in your unit waiting for the next UFO crash, a landing where there is going to be debris. It doesn't work that way. You have a real job in the military. However, if you are in an area where an event takes place and you are one of these people that they can call upon in your field of expertise, then you are called in.î

Stone says that as many as two dozen downed UFO craft were retrieved in the 40s and 50s. He claims that other crashes have occurred but in some cases the craft was recovered by the extraterrestrials (ETs) themselves. He states that he has had encounters with ET beings, animate and otherwise, and is convinced that their interaction with humanity is an effort to prevent human efforts to militarize space.

In his testimony published in the Disclosure Project briefing document, Stone says that he has reason to believe that US Army General Douglas MacArthur was fully aware of ET intelligence. As a result, MacArthur organized what was called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit, an organization which functions secretly to this day.

ìThe Army tries to state that it was not an official [organizational] effort to try to investigate UFOs. But it was organized by a General, it bore fruit, it came to conclusions that were not popular, ie, the existence of interplanetary spacecraft. And they continued to do exactly what they do today, and that is to be part of a multi-intelligence operation in the recovery of objects of unknown origin, particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin. Their purpose is to assess that information, get raw field intelligence data, and process that data into some type of useful intelligence product to disseminate to the field – to those people who have a need to know and those people who are, shall we say, the keepers of that information.î

Mark McCandlish has worked for the last 21 years as a conceptual artist. His employers include a variety of defense contractors such as General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Allied Signet Corporation. During his career he twice held secret security clearances. McCandlish's own extensive knowledge of advanced energy systems, combined with serendipitous meetings with very knowledgeable people, has convinced him that the US military ìnot only have the [extraterrestrial] technology, they've got the technology in deployment.î

One of McCandlish's college friends, Brad Sorensen, informed McCandlish that on 12 November 1988, during a high-level briefing for senior generals, Sorensen had personally witnessed flying saucers on display at an Air Show at Norton Air Force Base east of Los Angeles, California.

Stored within a huge hangar were three separate craft described as Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs). Sorensen observed them hovering un-tethered above the floor. They were all identical in shape and proportion but were scaled in three different sizes. The smallest was approximately 24 feet in diameter at its widest part, was flat on the bottom, slightly bell-shaped, and had a dome on top with sloping sides. The other two were approximately 60 feet and 130 feet in diameter.

From what Sorensen observed, these vehicles operated on a high-voltage electricity propulsion system known as zero point energy. Sorensen told McCandlish that while at Norton Air Force Base, a three star general mentioned that these vehicles were capable of doing speed of light or better. On exhibit was a running videotape showing the smallest of the three vehicles positioned in the desert making three quick, hopping motions. It accelerated straight up and out of sight, completely disappearing from view in just a couple of seconds without any sound or sonic boom.

Together McCandlish and Sorensen worked out a detailed sketch of the ARV craft that Sorensen witnessed. Later on, McCandlish obtained photographs that were taken by the military in 1967 near Provo, Utah, which matched the so-called ARV in shape and proportions.

Then, in 1992, McCandlish learned from a man named Kent Sellen that in 1973, while working as a crew chief at Edwards Air Force Base in California, Sellen had unintentionally wandered into the area where the classified aircraft, or ARVs, were housed. In a matter of seconds he was accosted and threatened with a machine gun barrel put to his throat. A hood was put over his head to blindfold him and he was taken to another area. He was put through an 18-hour debriefing process, during which he was told details about the configuration and operation of the ARV. Sellen shared this information with McCandlish, which helped him fill in the details of the sketch that he and Sorenson had drawn up.

Searching through the patent records, McCandlish also discovered that in 1967 (the year the Provo, Utah, photo was taken) a patent had been secured on a vehicle with virtually the same shape and propulsion system as the ARV seen at the Norton Air Force Base Air Show. The man who filed the patent assisted in a laboratory near Princeton, New Jersey, where experiments in electrogravitic propulsion, or anti-gravity, took place.

Subsequently, Brad Sorensen met with the famous aeronautical designer Herbert Tan. He gave Tan a copy of the ARV sketch that had, at that point, developed into a blueprint. Tan thought that it was a joke and hung it on his wall as a gag. A third party confirmed that a colonel from Edwards Air Force Base visited Tan, saw this blueprint on the wall, and registered quite a degree of shock and anger, wanting to know where he had gotten this blueprint. Apparently, the colonel knew that such a craft existed.

The blueprint was displayed at the Disclosure Project public symposium, with indications that the details have been corroborated by four military officers.

Future prospects

The press conference launching the Disclosure Project seemed to be effective. The National Press Club, where the event was held, reported the largest audience in its internet webcasting history, with a quarter of a million people waiting online at the start of the event. Serious media coverage came from CNN World, BBC television and radio, as well as major US networks. Print media coverage reached as far as Russia and China and dozens of other outlets. In the following two weeks, Disclosure Project staff met with over two dozen US Senate and House officers and also held a substantial meeting with a member of Congress.

After six years of countless meetings with military, intelligence and private corporate officials, Dr Greer confidently draws an astonishing conclusion: a half century of secrecy has given rise to a scientific and military industry operating yearly on tens of billions of dollars, wholly functioning outside the constitutional chain of command of the US or any other government.

Dr Greer describes it as a ìmilitary-industrial complex with labyrinthine compartmentalized projects that were more and more [beyond] control and oversight.î Indeed, his direct witness testimony shows that Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton were frustrated in their attempts to penetrate such projects.

The technologies which Dr Greer says have been derived from reverse-engineering of downed UFO craft hold tremendous benefit for humanity if used for peaceful purposes. These systems fall into the categories of quantum vacuum/zero point field energy access systems, electrogravitic and magnetogravitic energy and propulsion – also understood as anti-gravity systems – room temperature nuclear effects, as well as electrochemical and related advances to internal combustion systems, which achieve near zero emissions.

According to authoritative witnesses, these systems have been researched and deployed for nearly 50 years, yet remain hidden because of the potential economic and geopolitical impact that independence from fossil fuels would create. Had these systems been implemented decades ago, we would not be suffering from the levels of noise and air pollution which we experience everyday.

Dr Greer underscores the point that ìthe disclosure of such new energy technologies will have far-reaching implications for every aspect of human society and the time has come to prepare for such an event. For if such technologies were announced today, it would take at least 10 to 20 years for their widespread application to be effected. This is approximately how much time we have before global economic chaos begins, due to demand far exceeding the supply of oil, and environmental decay becomes exponential and catastrophic.î

Most of the Disclosure Project witnesses have known that telling their stories puts them and their families at financial, professional and personal risk. Many have signed national security oaths of secrecy. However, Dr Greer points out, the oaths were signed under circumstances that had no legal basis – concerning activities which existed beyond the reach of any legal, constitutional jurisdiction – and therefore the oaths are null and void. The Briefing Document explains: ìMore than one covert contact has told us that, indeed, any such witnesses can and should speak out at the right time and place, since no legal entity would – or legally could – do anything about it.î

Notably, no one affiliating himself or herself with the Disclosure Project has ever been threatened. Perhaps the protective nature of the Disclosure campaign stems from its co-operative approach to the very institutions that are in some way perpetuating the UFO/ET secrecy. At the public symposium, Dr Greer emphasized: ìView no one on the planet as an enemy – they need our education. Our biggest supporters are not from the New Age community, or the UFO community, or from environmental activists. Our staunchest supporters are the military people, they are in the Pentagon. Believe me, they are also the victims of these covert projects.î

For the Disclosure Project to move forward, Dr Greer is seeking specific co-operation from the national security establishment. Should that co-operation not be forthcoming in a timely way, he is preparing legal action. For legal counsel, the Project will be represented by Daniel Sheehan, who served as Director of Cases in the Pentagon Papers. In addition, as Chief Counsel, Sheehan was the first to present to Congress evidence of a shadow government in the Iran-Contra case. The Project intends to raise $2 million in tax-deductible donations to mount its legal campaign.

The Disclosure Project Campaign will set off on a 15-city tour of the United States, with a stop in London, beginning in late summer. They will provide for the general public an exclusive showing of a two-hour documentary film as well as a presentation by Dr Greer and members of his witness group. Through this it is hoped a groundswell of public demand can be built to bring forth Congressional hearings.

Dr Greer, self-described as ìonly a country doctor from North Carolina, with a wife, four kids, a minivan and a golden retrieverî, walked away from a successful career as an emergency-room physician to devote himself full-time to the Disclosure Project. In view of what he and his team have accomplished so far, it's no empty promise when he says: ìOur campaign will continue until our objectives are met.î

  From the July/August 2001 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005