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Science, medicine and technology 
in the Age of Light

An introduction to the concepts involved in the coming technology of light.

We are now entering the Age of Light. The Hierarchy is training scientists through experiences of phenomenal powers by demonstrating the use of the Science of Light to achieve transfiguration, transportation and communication.

All living cells are interconnected, with light between them. Every atom is interconnected with the light. The time will come when we can transform this light, and then it will be possible to dematerialize the body. Adepts and Masters can do this, and one day, Maitreya says, we will be able to do it. Matter can be transported from one place to another through light. Thus the astral body of one who has departed can materialize. Even now scientists are being taught how to materialize through the Technology of Light so that objects can be transmitted from one part of the world to another. This technology – using colour, sound and vibration – is the science of the 21st century. It will make society more prosperous and happy. People will enjoy life more, many diseases will be healed instantaneously. This is the power of light. In time, scientists will be able to understand these processes, these laws of nature. When you become aware, conscious and detached, Maitreya teaches, you will not manipulate these laws for selfish ends.

The Technology of Light will meet all our energy needs in the 21st century. It will need no huge budgets to maintain because it will be devised and controlled by intellectuals who do not look for billions of pounds of profits to satisfy them, Maitreya's associate explains. Once built, the technology will last for 2,500 years, 'until the next cycle of evolution.'

Environment and energy will be the top priorities of the new era. Last will be defence, because there will be nothing to defend. When light is at your command you do not need guns and bullets.

The time is fast coming when there will be no need for prisons, as individuals can be controlled from space. Terrorism will disappear because there will be no place for terrorists to hide.

The ambition of the politicians is now moving into space, from where all movement on earth can be controlled. But Maitreya warns that if the politicians play with this science of light and abuse it, it will destroy them. Humanity has naively believed that they are the only ones in space. But there are others there, far advanced, who have always watched over us, He says, teaching us not to kill, to respect others, and to learn to be happy and free. They have always protected humanity, and they will not allow it to destroy itself by the exploitation of science in space.

These Space Brothers have now trained scientists in the US and USSR in a technology that can monitor every movement on earth -- of armies, tanks, planes and even submarines beneath the sea. There is thus good reason behind the Russians' and the Americans' confident calls for major disarmament. For not only does this technology (a sophisticated extension of the Star Wars concept) make pin-point surveillance possible, it can also be used to control men and machines.

For instance, if a terrorist was located on a plane thousands of feet in the air, holding a gun or a bomb, he could be 'frozen' in the act of terrorism. A submarine beneath the waves could be drained of energy and rendered powerless.

Maitreya is sending a clear message to the world's political leaders: no wars can now be won, and spending vast amounts of money on international arms programmes is a complete waste. Our prime task now is to look after the environment. This will become the responsibility of every individual, politician, guru, saint and scientist. Our energies will be spent in making it healthy again. When that happens there will be less suffering, disease and poverty.

Scientists are also being taught by the Space Brothers the art of producing energy through light. The effects of the ozone problem will disappear but the climatic changes that are under way are still bound to take place. Many experiments with the Technology of Light are being undertaken in Russia. This is because the Space Brothers set up a community in that country 15 years ago. Russia was chosen because it was such a closed society, where commercial pressures did not affect scientific research. Today, says Maitreya, the Russians are well ahead of the rest of the world in this field. That is why Russia leads the way in calling for arms reductions.

Dangers of current research

Scientists today are involved in researching and manipulating the mechanism of the forces of evolution. They do not know where these forces lead, but they will definitely get a glimpse of the end of the trail. If they persist in experiments with bio-genetic engineering, they will be able to create beings which are half-man, half-animal. But though the scientists are interfering with the natural course of mutation, they will never understand it, for it is beyond knowledge and wisdom.

Only God understands mutation, Maitreya says, and for scientists to use their knowledge to play God is dangerous. You are able to do certain things, he notes, but you should not do them. Why do you not spend money rightly so that people can be given the right food to eat, that they may die natural deaths?

Scientists are also creating potential havoc in the universe with nuclear-powered spaceprobes. According to Maitreya, there are certain points in the universe which control the energies of creation. If they are disturbed, it is like setting free the atoms from their nuclear bonds. This can create disasters such as earthquakes and floods on earth. The distant planets have their own gravitational force which holds them in place and maintains their pattern of evolution. Nuclear- powered probes can upset the balance and lead to disastrous consequences.

Scientists will be given experiences by Maitreya to make them aware of the danger of their research. The Master says: The moment you come near the powers of creation you will be tempted to use them. If you do not know how to handle them they will destroy you. Certain yogis can approach these powers, but with detachment. Therefore they do not harm them. The scientists, however, do not possess this detachment.

Scientists are also playing dangerous games in other ways. They are searching to find the secrets of consciousness. They are now experimenting with animals, playing with genes to discover where this conscious energy comes from and where it goes after death. So many experiments are being carried out behind closed doors that if the public knew about them there would be an outcry and a demand to end them. The scientists are playing with the forces of life. But as scientists deepen their understanding of the laws of life and mind, Maitreya says, there will be a greater understanding of interdependence, the cement which sustains creation.

The art of healing

The Technology of Light will also change the practice of medicine. Drugs and surgery will no longer be needed as doctors are trained in the use of the technology of healing. Scientists in Russia and America are already experimenting with genetic engineering, and this will develop until the time will come when they can transmit genetic information into a sick organ to rejuvenate it without the use of surgery. Eventually the need for so many hospitals will diminish, as people can undergo treatment within hours for even the most serious conditions.

As the scientists learn to develop the rays of light, they will be able to penetrate not only the physical brain but the mind itself. Scientists have already been taught by the Space Brothers how to use the Technology of Light to dissolve drug habits by targeting specific areas of the brain. Basically, the rays dissolve the conditioning factors of the mind which trap the personality. These methods are already being used in hospitals in China and Hong Kong where drug addiction has become a massive problem.

The technology of the future will be nothing other than light. Through the knowledge and use of the seven colours, the technology will evolve. Mind, spirit and body will be healed. As the art of healing develops, there will be in the long run less employment in the medical field as we know it today. The art of dying will be taught.

Questions and answers with Benjamin Creme

Q. Why was the Technology of Light not given to the United Nations rather than to individual governments who might misuse it?

A. Because the technology can only be understood by scientists, and the United Nations does not have such a group of scientists under its jurisdiction. Scientists work on a national basis and only the two superpowers, the United States and the USSR, have been given this technology because they have the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons (which the new technology makes obsolete). Where they lead the others must inevitably follow. If they say "our nuclear arsenal is obsolete," what value then have the British, French, Chinese (or Indian, Pakistani, or Israeli) bombs? Eventually, this new technology of light will indeed come under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Q. If the new Technology of Light will eventually cure all diseases, does this mean that each individual will decide himself when to die, not as a result of physical decay?

A. The time is coming when each of us will know instinctively when to die and we will 'pass over' consciously. The new technology will make possible a much longer physical life (with greater efficiency), but eventually the organism will wear out completely and a conscious decision to die will be taken. We will know that there is no such thing as death, but simply a shift of consciousness from this to another plane. In the course of time (as we understand it) and according to our destiny, we will reincarnate in new, healthier bodies to continue this process of perfection.

Q. Will the new Science of Light be able to neutralize the atomic waste which, for example, is dumped in the seas?

A. Yes. Not only atomic waste but the stockpiles of nuclear weapons can be neutralized and made safe.

From the July/August 1990 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005